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How Siri Can Help College Students

Many college students have iPhones and they cannot go anywhere without them. The newest version of the iPhone 4S has a new information system installed in it called Siri.

Siri has become famous because of her humanlike features. People can use Siri to get different places on their phone without touching the screen. The program is very innovative and it is one of the most sophisticated voice programs that are out there.

Siri responds fast and will do almost whatever you tell it to. There are many things that Siri does that people do not take advantage of. If you are a college student with the iPhone 4s, here are some ways that you should be using Siri.

1. To schedule reminders

All you have to do is tell Siri to schedule you a meeting or an event, tell her the date and the time and your event will be automatically added to your calendar. If you don’t have time to actually go into your calendar and schedule something, just ask Siri and she will do it for you.

College students have so many different things going on that they need to make sure they stay on top of things and stay organized. With the help of Siri, scheduling plans just became a whole lot easier than it used to be.

2. Calling your family

College students don’t like to admit it, but they need their family more than they think. Siri is very helpful when it comes to making phone calls. All you have to say is “Call mom” and Siri will start calling your mother immediately. Siri makes calling people a lot easier.

I am sure your parents would like to hear from you a lot more often than they do so you should start telling Siri to call your family more. She will happily do it without any hesitation.

3. Setting alarms

When I am lying in bed about to go to sleep, I am often too tired or lazy to try and set my alarm. With the help of Siri, I can push a button and tell her to set my alarm for the next day. She will go to your alarms and make sure that it is set at the right time so you will wake up right when you’re supposed to.

Siri is truly amazing because all you have to do is say exactly what you want her to do. She does not have to ask you any more questions to verify. College students always need to be up by certain times and Siri will make sure that you get to that class on time.

4. Helping you when you drive

One of the bad habits that college students have developed is using their phone way too much when driving. One of the best things about Siri is that it is really easy to call someone, set up an appointment, or navigate somewhere without trying to type on a touch screen.

When people have to use their phone, they have to take turns looking down at the phone and looking at the road. This can cause you to miss something and get in an accident. Siri makes it so that you can do everything on your phone by just talking rather than by looking down and risk an accident.

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  • Siri is so cool! I didn’t know that it could do all that cool stuff! Thanks for filling everyone in 🙂 I especially like the fact that you can set appointments without having to go searching for the day on your calender.
    Thanks for posting this!
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  • One of the biggest issue for students is to get organisational skills. These skills are valued highly outside the University as well as within it.In the professional world, one is expected to arrive on time, be accurate and so on…
    Siri is a tool that can help students to achieve these goals.

  • I actually upgraded my iPhone about 1 month ago and didn’t know about this feature – you know how good the manual for the iphone is….lol. Seriously, I have just started playing around with Siri and love it, thanks for the introduction.
    Selina recently posted..Leather Recliner SofasMy Profile

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