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Tax Preparation Apps : Easiest Way to File Your Taxes

There’s an app for virtually every need or desire that you have. From checking the weather to entertaining yourself, you can tap the screen of your mobile device and instantly bring it to life. This year, tax preparations apps are more popular than ever. With the filing deadline looming, you may be interested to know that you can file your taxes right from your smartphone.

Here are the best tax preparation apps available this year:


Millions of people use the TurboTax software every year to file their taxes; now millions will use the app. If you are able to file a 1040EZ this year, do it from your iPhone or Android to speed up the process. Once you’ve filed, use TaxCaster to track the status of your refund.


If you have an iPad, download this application to complete your tax returns on your device. If you’re using the 1040EZ form, you can scan your W-2s and send them directly to the IRS. It doesn’t get much easier than that! If you need help, there’s a full glossary of tax terms to assist you.

H&R Block

H&R Block allows you to file one free federal tax return and charges $29.99 for a state return. If you have more complex needs, you’ll need to use H&R Block software instead of the app. If you choose to purchase the deluxe edition of the app, for $19.99, you will also have the ability to switch back and forth between your app and computer when completing your returns.

Apps from the three major players in the tax industry are useful and well thought-out.  However, not everyone has access to a mobile device. If you are looking for a more traditional way of filing your taxes, you still have several options:


If you haven’t received your booklet from the IRS or your state agency, head down to your local library or post office and pick up the tax forms that you need. If you aren’t sure exactly what forms and schedules you’ll need to utilize, sign on to the IRS website and browse their extensive FAQ.


If you have complicated tax issues, and aren’t sure what you need to fill out or even what you need to report, it may benefit you to file your taxes with a professional. Professional tax preparers are well versed in tax law, and can help you take all of the deductions that you qualify for. Save a copy of your returns and, if your situation is the same next year, you can use them as a guide to filling out your own taxes.


TurboTax, H&R Block and Tax Act are all very easy to use for virtually any tax situation. Each brand of software will walk you through your returns and ask you questions to ensure that you are filling out your forms correctly. In addition, depending on the level of assistance you purchase, you may be protected should the IRS choose your return for an audit.

No matter how you file your taxes this year, be sure to mark your calendar! The filing deadline is April 15 at midnight this year.  If you need more time, now is when you need to file for an extension.

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