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Using Google Sites for Your Business

Google Sites is a perfect way for the small business owner to create a substantial online presence, with all of the innovative and forward-thinking features that Google is known for.

Like classic Mustang parts, Google business offerings are one of a kind, incorporating all of Google’s features in a way that creates a beautifully designed site, optimized for maximum web traffic. There is no limit to pages and the Google Sites works seamlessly with Google’s other services like web analytics and AdSense.

What it Can Do for You

Using Google Sites is an intuitive adventure. Business can create pages and add videos and pictures with the click of a button. Be as creative as you would like by utilizing different types of pages, or changing the site’s layout … you are totally in control.

The revision history feature allows you to take your website back to an earlier version.  This is perfect in the event that erroneous code is entered that prevents your site from working correctly.

Also, both apps and objects can be added with ease. Create your site such that it is easily viewable on mobile systems. Google sites also allows for the insertion of gadgets. These gadgets can be used to increase the functionality of your Google site. There are gadgets available in the categories of news, tools, functionality and technology – that are useful no matter what industry you are in.

Expand your Business

If there is a business that sells Mustang accessories, Google Sites offers innovative ways to share your site and increase your business. Send 50 invites a day to whomever you wish.

Personal branding of Google Sites is easy. Businesses can use their own domain name and logo. In addition, if a business so wishes, they can create a company intranet system that will allow them to post information and pages that are only viewable by employees. In addition, businesses’ can utilize Google sites to have a common place to keep documents, preview presentations, share team video, and create project workspaces.

One distinct advantage of using Google sites is the fact that Google is responsible for most of the Internet searches. Host your site with Google to take advantage of the site’s functions to increase your exposure and therefore your bottom line. Plus, you’ll enjoy a Google mailbox with 25 gigabytes of space, as well as a hefty spam control keeping unwanted comments from polluting your site.

Easy Access

Website administrators can access the site 24-7, from their computer or mobile phone.  Also different individuals can be given different clearance levels, with the ability to operate within the site and not cause any damage. An important feature for a number of businesses is the fact that Google Sites are compatible with both PC and Mac.  So no matter what operating system you are on, you can access and utilize Google sites.

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