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Windows Customization with Softwares and Programs

Various users and computer owners always like to keep their system attractive and fantastic with a plenty of themes, excellent wallpapers and other useful gadgets that can tell them about everything in this world. Given you are online on the system; you will have a lots of programs and software that can really help you in customizing your window.

It does not mean that offline computer users do not have the opportunity to customize their screen. They can also make use of different programs and precious gadgets that come in free for them for window customization. You can change the font style, folders icons, themes, wallpapers and bring a clock on your desktop with a single click. You can lock your windows with password and turn the screen upside down or vice-versa! It is all possible with the help of latest software and programs available on the internet.

Important tool for personalizing your computer

Customizing your desktop with programs is just similar to the personalization of our homes and offices. Yes, you arrange your living space with wall photos, posters, coffee mugs, showpieces and beautiful artifacts. The system needs the same love and affection form the computer user. You will never have to worry about the visuals, running modes, screensavers and themes.

Nowadays, the designers have got plenty of programs and other options that will help you in personalizing your system in the way you always liked to have! Yes, when the computer looks attractive and wonderful to your eyes, your working environment greatly gets improved and become sober. In the market or on the internet, you can find a number of windows customization tools but what will frustrate you is lack of free availability. It simply means that you will have to cough up a few bucks from your wallet to buy those programs or tools.

Top Windows Customization tools for windows on the internet

1. Fences

It can be downloaded in 9 MB space from the internet and it creates docks for you on the computer screen. You can place important icons, folders or programs in these docks to keep everything in place and in an organized manner.

2. MouseExtender

This application is a 110 KB download and needs no installation. It helps you to customize the mouse menu options like setting the control panel, customizing your shortcuts and shutting down your system in a single click.

3. Window Blinds

It will be large download for you, which is about 33 MB and it will act as an effective Windows Theme Changer for your desktop. Yes, it has got a beautiful and excellent interface to work with.

4. Logon Studio

Well, you can change the themes and wallpapers with ease but you will need this application if you are interested in changing the login screen for your system. It has the best compatible use with Vista and its download size is 3 MB.

5. Actual Window Minimizer

It is capable of minimizing your open windows to the System Tray rather than keeping them on the Taskbar. This 4 MB download application a new button, at the left hand corner of every window to accomplish this task.

Summary: – There is no dearth of programs and software on the internet that can help you in Windows Customization. You can choose the most appropriate and accurate software to customize themes creates tray icons, change wallpapers and adds different gadgets to your screen.

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