5 Awesome Windows 7 Gadgets

A gadget is something which sits on the screen of the desktop at all the time and the associated application can be opened at any given time. Windows Vista had launched the method of putting gadgets on the desktop screen and Windows 7 has continued this tradition. The only difference between the gadgets of Windows Vista and Windows 7 is that the sidebar is not present in Windows 7.

Examples of some of the Windows 7 gadgets are as follows-

  • Currency
  • Stocks
  • Clock
  • CPU Meter
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Headlines
  • Slideshow
  • Windows Media

As discussed earlier gadgets sit on the desktop and are readily accessible from that point. There is a set of standard gadgets which comes with the installation of the operating system and some more customized gadgets are also available from the internet. Many companies are involved in designing new gadgets for Window 7 which will serve many useful things to the user.

Calendar and Clock Gadget

The above list of the gadgets is just for example and there are many other gadgets developed by many users to satisfy their own requirements. The very simple gadgets can be calendar or clock gadget which works on the standalone PC whereas there are some complex type of gadgets which requires internet connection for serving the data.

Advanced Gadgets like Currency, Weather and Stock

Gadgets like Weather or Currency are considered to be more complex than the simple gadgets. Weather gadget has capability to connect to the live weather data and represent in a very user friendly manner to the user. The gadget requires internet connection to get connected to the weather server and fetch the current data. Similarly the data of currency and stock is also ever changing.

These things are getting updated every minute so the gadget needs a powerful mechanism to fetch the very current or live data from the respective servers so that users get accurate and very recent information. These gadgets can also be termed as real time gadgets as they work on the live data.

Headlines Gadget

The headlines gadget is also very useful as it can show the headlines from the Microsoft News feeds. This is also one of the interesting gadgets which will keep you updated with latest news around the world. However, it is limited to fetching the news from the news feeds created by Microsoft only and it cannot be configured to fetch RSS or news feeds from any other news website.

The successful usage of all these gadgets is based on their configuration. It is very important that these gadgets are configured properly to give desired help or results to the user. There are some setting like selecting the region or language and many other things which are required to be provided at the time of installation of these gadgets.

If this initial setup information is provided correctly, then the gadget will surely give desired results otherwise the information given by the gadget can be worthless. For getting access to all these gadgets, you must visit the desktop screen more often to see the gadgets icons.

Summary – Windows 7 gadgets which are popular in common users are Calendar, Clock, Headlines, Currency and Weather. Many users also use other gadgets such as Media Player and Slide Show gadgets also to view the pictures and listen to the music.

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