6 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid : Layman’s Guide

Link building, one of the important areas of SEO to helps sites rank higher within search engines, not only can it be time consuming but very expensive.  Therefore it is essential to know of these common mistakes and try know how to mitigate these issues, Here are Link Building Mistakes the bloggers can make.

1. No Keywords within Your Contextual Link

Its important to have a varied backlink profile, so if you get the chance try to incorporate your keywords into the anchor text.  It is important to have a wide variety of keywords linking to your site as to signal to search engines the relevancy of keywords placed for your rankings within the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).  If you do get the chance in incorporating your keywords into a high profile site be sure to utilise your keywords.

2. Getting Lots of Low Quality Link

Quality over quantity is an essential aspect of link building, to have a 100 top quality links is better than a 1000 low quality spammy links that offer no actual value to users.  If you have many links that are of low value not only will this not carry much value in terms of helping you rank better in SERPs, but be a waste of your time.

3. Relevancy of Your Site

It is important that your links are placed within other sites that are relevant to your own site.  As sad as this sounds it is a common mistake for link builders in the past to be so focused on the PR and Domain Authority of a site, they lose sight of actually providing value to the users.

4. Uncrawlable Websites

As great as a website could be for SEO purposes, if the site is blocked by a robots.txt or does not get cached by Search Engines it is useless.  Essentially, if you are spending hours focusing on one site that does not get indexed, it would be more worth wild on a sites of similar value that do get crawled.

5. Homepage Links

Typically your homepage will receive the most amount of links, therefore it is a good plan to mix up your link building campaign by linking to different pages of your site, to help your rank your key product pages better.

6. High Quality Sites Accepted Only

Although it’s a good idea to get good quality sites linking to your sites, but having a good mix of low quality and high quality sites yields a much better result.  Although this last practice can be believed as an SEO myth, historically sites have ranked better because of variation.


All SEOs out there will approach link building differently, so do share your views and ideas on what link building mistakes to avoid as to help better guide the community.

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