Getting the Most out of Your Mobile Phone Battery

Today’s mobile phones are like portable computers that you can slide right into your pocket. With so many tasks to perform, it really is no surprise how much battery power is needed. However, in many instances mobile phone users could perform some basic tasks that could help their mobile phones use less power. These can help the phone last longer between charging.

One of the easiest ways to conserve your battery is to just shut down some of your phone’s functions. Many phones are constantly running the GPS. In most situations, the user doesn’t even need this particular feature on all the time. When the GPS is left on, it continues to use your mobile phone to determine your location and feed that into other services.

By turning this off, you can easily save battery power. Two other features that can be shut off when not in use are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Both of them could be draining your battery power without you even knowing it.

Many features on your mobile phone will provide you with update notifications. This could include Twitter, Facebook, email and more. If you have your notifications set to occur frequently, this could be another change to save power. Many people have these notifications set to happen every ten minutes. This may be a bit superfluous. Resetting the notification updates to a larger block of time can save you battery power.

There are other simple adjustments you can make. For instance, avoid using the vibrate functions. Many people use this for the notification signal for a variety of events. These would include emails, ring tones and more; this actually uses up more power than a ring. Another easy way to conserve on your battery is to dial down the brightness of your mobile phone’s display.The lowest setting should be sufficient.

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  • Yes, additional add-ons to your mobile consumed your battery charged. That’s why Im choosing good cellphone with long last battery.

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