Top Ways to Promote a New Post

Every time you write a new article it’s important that you do some promotion for it and get it out there. Doing this can help you to get more people to follow your site, it can help with your SEO and it can even potential lead to your new piece going viral if it is good enough and has enough of a hook. If you are currently relying on SEO and search engine traffic alone as your only way to bring people to your articles, then you will find that it’s much slower going and that your hard work isn’t appreciated for some time.

Promote a new post

As such then it’s important that each article get shown to as many people as possible, and you should have a few different outlets for promoting each new post you make. Here are just a few suggestions as to where you can promote your content once you’ve uploaded it.


Facebook is a fantastic tool for sharing content and for communication and this is what makes it ideal for promoting your website and for getting word out when you have a new article or something else to promote. At the same time Facebook is also unique in that it provides you with more than one way to promote your site.

For one you can create a group or a fan page for your site. People can then ‘like’ this and that will allow you to post each time you get a new article up and they will all see. If you can post to other people’s groups too then this is another avenue for promotion.

Next you should look into posting to your own profile or feed. This is a good way to get lots of people to see your site because it will appear in their home feed. The best way to use Facebook this way is to have two separate profiles – one for yourself, and one for your website. Don’t be shy to post your articles to your person Facebook though as your friends and family are great allies to have when it comes to promoting a website.


If you build up a good Twitter following then you can reach a lot of people very quickly by simply tweeting about your new article. Try to make it sound as appealing as possible and use a ‘Tiny Url’ in order to avoid the link itself taking up the entire post. Meanwhile make sure that you tweet about other things as well as your site or you’ll end up losing followers (or causing your followers to just tune you out).


Posting to Reddit is potentially a great way to get lots of people to see your site. The more you comment, post and read the more you will be able to create visibility for your page so it’s worth using this a fair bit.

Bear Food

Bear food is a completely new way to promote your site. It’s basically Reddit, but run by ‘The Oatmeal’ and it has the benefit of being very new meaning that your posts won’t be drowned under a sea of other people’s (for now).


Posting on forums related to your industry or niche is also a great way to get your new articles seen by lots of people, and at the same time to get some feedback and discussion going. And in fact you don’t always need to post on forums that are on-topic – you may for instance be able to post on a webmaster forum to ask for a ‘review’ of your page layout.

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