Top 5 WordPress Plugins We Enjoy

Let’s face it, everybody has something to say these days and it’s been made easier with blog platforms such as WordPress. What’s makes yours stand out from the rest though…are the bells and whistles of course (ok fine and the content). We’ve had a few WordPress sites and from experience we made a list of 4 plug-ins we really enjoy to give you a good idea of what you might be missing.

If you want to use them then go to your dashboard, select Plug-in, Add new, type the name in the search bar and install.

1. Akismet

One of the major problems most bloggers have is the spammy comments. You write down a meaningful 700 word article about flowers and a spam bot comments about how “your article made me want to buy the Ford Ferreira (which you can buy here incidentally)”. Rather have a small amount of quality comments than 3,000 spammy ones.

2. All in one webmaster

All in one webmaster is the perfect plug-in to insert your analytic id’s. Normally you have to rummage around in the header or footer and insert the code but with this plug-in you can just insert the code in the appointed slot. It even gives you a checklist of all the analytical sites and Webmaster tools out there. If you have a sitemap (which we highly recommend for spiders, crawlers) you can also insert it in here. This is a very SEO friendly plug-in, be sure to have a good look around and play with all the buttons and options.

3. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

If you have a blog that is very image or video orientated then you should install the Pinterest plug-in which gives you a shiny dashboard in your widget area. It basically pulls the images from your Pinterest feed and displays them in a width by height column which you can adjust as well.

4. Publish to Schedule

Just as its name it gives you greater manual control over when your article will be published on your WordPress site. You can set the month, day and time when it should be published. Really handy when you are going away for the weekend and you need to publish a few articles.

5. Recent Posts Slider

Recent post slider is a widget that showcases your articles in the sidebars. You can choose the speed of the transition to each slide as well as how many frames it should have. It’s great to use if you want to offer your visitors more reading material that they might not have known about.

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  • i was only aware of akismet because i am using it on my blog which helps me to keep away from spammers.

    Thanks for sharing

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