Top SEO Blogs to Visit Regularly

I have compiled a list of top SEO blogs to visit daily. Keeping your team ahead of the pack means doing regular research and updating yourself with what’s happening in the world of SEO. If you are not conducting SEO efforts on your site, you will soon be overshadowed by your competitors, no matter what industry you are in.

Top SEO blogs

Below, we have gathered some of the most visited and more importantly, respected SEO sites that you can visit every day. Subscribe to their RSS feeds or at least check up on them once a week. From the smaller businesses to SEO companies, these sites can help you boost your SEO knowledge, one day at a time.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is an excellent source on high quality SEO articles. Their content can serve as a role model for those wishing to create rich and useful (but still concise) web content. They cater mostly to those who are themselves involved in the SEO industry or anything related to the web.

They post updates multiple times a day so make sure you check them at least every other day. One of the top SEO blogs.


The team of SEOBook prides itself for creating new ways on how you can rank even higher in the search engine games. From practical and easy to follow tips to new strategies on how to make your site more appealing, this site is a lot about actions and not just web theories.

SEO By The Sea

Bill Slawski’s site about specific applications that can help improve your site’s performance in the SEO game, along with some inspirational posts on actual experiences and case studies regarding search engine ranking, is posted in this easy to read site.

At least one to three updates are posted per week, so you won’t drown yourself with updates here.


For those who don’t have much time to read every day, Blogstorm is the perfect compilation of SEO tips and articles that publishes around three to five times per month. Each post is comprehensive and thoughtful, plus they are made up by a panel of web experts who have actual experience in the field of SEO.


For those interested in not just actual improvements on the site itself but in long term SEO reigning strategies, this is the blog for you!

Updates are posted up to two times per day so you are sure you have lots of material to read through. Most of SEOmoz’s content is focused on web marketing plans and how to grow your brand in this digital world. This is a very practical site for those who want to do crossover marketing from the traditional tri-media or “above the line” marketing to “below the line” marketing.

There are also other blogs and SEO sites out there that aim to help you continuously improve your craft. You just have to know what sort of content you are after (concrete, coding tips, strategy/plan, DIY beginner tips etc).

It is also a good idea to dive into the developer forums so that you can get information from actual users and readers. You know more top SEO blogs that you can add into the list ? Drop your comments.

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