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General Advice About Working With Beads

Working with beads has become a major hobby among crafters, and a major art form among serious bead artists. People who are just getting started with beadwork can benefit from some general advice that more seasoned bead workers may already know.

The first thing a person who is interested in working with beads should know is that his or her tools are probably the most important investment he or she can make, other than the beads themselves. Buying good tools will cause beading to go more smoothly. In addition, good tools last longer than cheap ones.


One of the tools that is a great investment is a bead spinner. This is especially true for the person who is interested in working with seed beads. A spinner helps the stringing of seed beads to go much faster. Another great tool to keep on hand is a nice nail file. This can be used to sand the sharp ends of metal wire for easier handling.

When setting up a work area, try using a Vellux blanket or washcloth as the beading surface. This will prevent one’s beads from rolling around and getting lost. Set the beads themselves on a tray that has some type of lip around the edge. Even then, beads can still become lost in the process of making projects with them, so it is a good idea to buy more than one thinks he or she will need.

Always work in a well-lit area. Finally, don’t forget to smile!

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