10 Blogs About WordPress to Watch in Summer 2012

The community of blogging about WordPress is constantly growing with hundreds – if not thousands – of new blogs launching every year. Some of these blogs reach massive success and become recognizable brands like Yoast, WP Candy, WP Shout, or WP Beginner. Others, however, are still on the rise and yet to experience their mainstream popularity.

In this quick list let’s focus on the newcomers and future trend makers, let’s have a look into a set of blogs about WordPress to watch in Summer 2012.

1. bavotasan.com

Quite an established blog already, with PR of 6 and Alexa Rank of around 13,000. It shares various articles, tutorials and even downloads mostly regarding the technical side of WordPress. You’ll find various info about CSS, jQuery, WordPress plugins, themes, and hacks.

2. Digging into WordPress

Digging into WordPress is the work of two people: Jeff Starr and Chris Coyier – two experienced web developers who have been working with WordPress for years, and are now sharing their knowledge with everybody. Some things you’ll find there: SEO advice, WordPress coding, WordPress hacks, and more.

3. Justin Tadlock

This is a personal blog of Justin’s where he shares various advice on blogging and WordPress. Justin has been working with WordPress since 2005, so he has much experience and knows how to share it in an easy to grasp way.

4. Perishable Press

This blog is authored by Jeff Starr – one of the co-authors of Digging into WordPress – a blog already mentioned on this list. Jeff shares various advice about WordPress, web design and web development. On this blog, you’ll find various tutorials on how to go about WordPress, and also some downloads.

5. Pingable

Pingable is a blog dedicated to WordPress and various matters regarding it. You’ll find info on WordPress themes, plugins, websites, news, and other worthwhile resources. Not only this, but there are also some SEO and blogging tips.

6. CleverWP.com

CleverWP was born in Barcelona, Spain in 2008, and since then it provides quality WordPress advice every couple of days. The blog focuses on WordPress customization and development, which means that you can go there for some PHP WordPress tutorials on how to implement various tweaks.

7. Do It With WordPress

This blog is run by a guy named Dave, who’s been working building websites for 10+ years. When he finally settled on WordPress as his platform of choice he decided to spread the word about the platform and share various tutorials on how to do some useful things with it. If you’re looking for some easy to grasp tutorials then this is the place to go.

8. Best WordPress Tips

This blog is targeted towards beginner users of WordPress who want to learn how to use the platform to create a quality website and then make some money from it. Among the topics you’ll find: SEO advice, setup and installation, WordPress hosting, plugins, themes, and widgets.

9. Brian Krogsgard

This is a site launched by a WordPress enthusiast from Birmingham, Alabama. Among some personal, off-topic posts you’ll find various info about technical aspects of WordPress, blogging and the blogging community in general.

10. ThemeFuse Blog

Let’s close the list with a little self-promotion. Don’t forget to check out the blog at ThemeFuse. You’ll find various freebies, contests, short tips, and various WordPress tutorials written in a step-by-step manner.

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