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Quick Ways to Boost Your SEO Efforts

SEO can be difficult to get your head around at first – if you’re relatively new to online marketing and promoting your business online. SEO is crucial to getting noticed online and getting your business seen and heard.

There are many ways of improving your SEO techniques and building your efforts and the quality of your optimisation. Improving your SEO doesn’t have to be a time consuming effort or an expensive one – your website ranking can be improved with just a small daily effort.

Guest blog

By guest blogging on other websites (in the same industry as your own) you can request links back to your own website, – which is great, but you’ll also be able to increase your publicity and traffic too. All these three things combined will slowly – but surely help your SEO efforts. Guest blogging doesn’t need to be time consuming – aiming for as little as ½ a week will benefit you eventually. Aim for websites and blogs that have good DA’s and PR’s too – as the better the sites you blog on, the more valuable the link.

Look at your on-site content

Looking at the content already on your site is also a good idea if you’re serious about improving your SEO efforts. Make sure your content is original (and not duplicate) and make sure your content is high quality and well written too. It’s worth more to invest in high quality content, so always keep this in mind when writing things for your site!

Remember your key words

Your key words are essential to the success of your SEO campaign. Make sure you are using your keywords on your onsite content and make sure you’re keeping the website relevant and up-do-date with relevant keywords. Due to the new Google updates though you’ll need to be careful how optimised you make your website in terms of keywords. If Google deems you ‘spammy’ then they’ll lower your ranking and they’ll suffer, so be careful just how much you choose to optimise it.

Join Social Networks

Joining social networks can help boost your SEO efforts greatly – make sure you brand your social media well and you keep it active and engaging, whilst being interesting and sharing relevant content too. Social media drives traffic to your site as well as increasing publicity too!

Don’t forget the techy stuff

The technical website stuff is important to your SEO efforts too! Remember that all you page titles and URLs need to be optimised and named probably. Also make sure you’re tagging any posts you release. If you’re an ecommerce site then ensure you allow reviews on your product pages as this helps too.

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