Beginners Guide To Google Adwords

Beginners Guide To Google Adwords Google Adwords allows companies to boost their marketing campaigns and website traffic by using keywords integrated into advertisements that may appear in margins next to search engine results. When a web surfer types search phrases into a search engine, both organic search results will appear and Google Adwords advertisements. Surfers have a choice. They can click directly on a company’s website or on a Google Adwords advertisement.

How Does Google AdWords Work?

Each time surfers click on the advertisement, the advertiser’s account is deducted for the amount advertisers agreed to pay per click. Advertisers pay for these campaigns in hope that the return will be greater than the losses from the clicks. The campaign is unsuccessful if web surfers do not sign up or purchase a product or service. Many companies have paid thousands before customers purchased a single product or service. Optimization and careful selection of keywords is recommended to reach a market ready to buy or commit.

Important Components of Google Adwords

To get started, advertisers must sign up for Google Adwords, select keywords and create advertisements. Advertisers must understand the following components to create advertisements and launch as campaigns:

Campaigns.Campaigns describe the process of displaying the ads in the search engine results. The campaigns vary based upon the keywords chosen. Each campaign consists of a variety of ad groups.

Keywords. When a surfer enters a search term, Google’s algorithm compares the search phrase with the selected keywords in the ad group. The search algorithm displays your most closely matched advertisement to the keyword searched. If the keywords are not similar, your advertisement will not be displayed.

Ad Groups. Ad groups consists of four popular keywords or phrases that a surfer may enter into search engine. Every ad group may contain numerous ad variations.

Ad Variations. Ad variations are unique advertisements with keywords or phrases that match ad groups. Ad variations ensure the advertisement is relevant to the search phrase typed into the search engine.

Cost of Google AdWords

Google Adwords has no minimum spending requirements. Companies are only charged when a surfer clicks on an ad and not when the ad is displayed. Prices vary based upon the country and keyword.

A daily spending budget may be set or a price per click. Most companies will set a limit to avoid an exorbitant advertising bill with no purchasing customers or return on investment. A small business may set a limit of $5 per day, for example, to avoid excessive losses. Google can provide information about keyword traffic to help businesses set a reasonable budget.

Measure Performance

Performance is measured and reported through Placement Performance reports. This helps companies make informed decisions about the effectiveness of the campaigns. From the information, targeting and bidding strategy may be adjusted.

Placement Performance reports will describe exactly where an ad appeared. The number of clicks and conversions will also be included in the report along with the costs. Advertisers can use the information in the reports to only focus on the best performing ads.

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