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A Guide To Finding Your Next Samsung TV

For most people, an LCD TV is the ideal choice, as it offers the perfect combination of value for money and a good range of features, and is available in sizes to suit almost all requirements. Samsung has a particularly impressive your these TVs, so you should be able to find something suitable for their needs.

Best on a budget: LT22B300 Samsung LED TV – 22″

You might imagine that a television at the budget end of the market would skimp on the essentials, but not in this case. This product offers a clear, bright 22″ LED screen that is HD Ready for 1080p video – the best broadcast quality available. The ability to display 1080p pictures is by no means a universal offering on TVs of these dimensions, and its inclusion here gives the LT22B300 a head start on many of its rivals. Because of this, the picture quality rivals or even exceeds some larger-screened competitors.

There’s no need for an unsightly set top box, either, since this set includes a Freeview tuner, giving 40 channels without the need to pay a subscription – though should you wish to add more, the CI slot will allow you to subscribe to many pay-TV channels. Samsung has also fitted this TV with 24p technology, which allows films to be seen as their directors intended, rather than suffering from awkward conversion to the usual TV standard.

A great all-rounder: LE32D400E1WXXU Samsung LCD TV – 32″

This TV will be the ideal choice for many households, since the 32″ screen is perfect for a medium-sized living room. The 720p HD picture is excellent and vibrant, while the set offers surprisingly good sound for an LCD TV. This is definitely a TV to consider if you’re looking for something that will suit all the family, and that will be equally at home showing DVDs or connected to a games console.

Importantly for a unit you might be thinking of purchasing for all-round use, this TV is also extremely easy to set up. It benefits from a simple installation procedure that does away with many of the frustrations you will probably remember from when you installed your previous TVs. Two HDMI and one Scart port, as well as USB connectivity, make things even easier.

The ultimate in luxury: LE40D503 Samsung LCD TV – 40″

If you’re looking for a TV that will really impress, then this is the model to go for. Its enormous 40″ screen makes it suitable for even the largest rooms, and as you would expect it can be hung on the wall to give even better visibility. Samsung has focused on providing superb results rather than lots of bells and whistles that may not be used, and both picture and sound quality are exceptionally good for an LCD TV.

Despite this emphasis on clean elegance, this TV’s relative simplicity doesn’t mean that the LE40D503 is poorly equipped. Its dual HDMI sockets, combined with a very handy USB port, mean that you should encounter no problems as far as connectivity goes. If you’re looking for a set that will give you superb, uncompromising quality and make viewing a pleasure, then this Samsung LCD TV has no rivals.

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