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How to Increase Your Computer’s Speed

The only thing more annoying than a slow computer is mosquitoes. Instead of throwing away your old computer for a newer model, you can do a few things to increase your computer’s speed.

Add More RAM

Your computer may need a little more RAM to help it keep up with all of the processes on it. What is RAM? RAM stands for random access memory. RAM is the memory center of your computer.

Like us, computers have a limit to the amount they can remember. When the memory is almost full, it becomes harder for the computer to think. This causes the operation speed to decline. A full memory may make pages take longer to load when you’re on the internet. It can feel like your back on a dial-up connection.

To solve this problem you can check for memory for sale at your local electronics store or online. To find the type of RAM you need, view your computer’s user manual or check out crucial.com. Before you buy it, you need to find the type of RAM your system can handle. Too much RAM may cause more harm than good for your computer. So if you’re unsure about how much RAM and what type of RAM you need, it’s best to do your research.

Scan For Viruses

If you have ever had your system affected by a virus, you know how much you never want that to happen again. If you let your anti-virus subscription fade out, it is time to have it renewed or find another way to protect your system.

Your computer can have malware or spyware attached to it that may cause it to operate much slower than it should. Running a periodic virus scan will let you know if anything adverse was found on your system. The same protection software should also be able to remove the threats. Microsoft Essentials is a free antivirus protection program that allows you to scan your system and remove viruses.

Delete Unnecessary Programs

Some programs on your computer are taking up a massive amount of space on your system. You can do an inventory of the programs you use most and delete the ones that have barely been touched in a year. Deleting the almost-forgotten programs on your PC will help free up memory space on your computer without the added expense of buying new memory. When your computer has more disk space available on your hard-drive, the smoother it will operate.

To delete old programs on a PC, go to the start menu-control panel-uninstall programs. From there you will be able to see a list of the programs and the amount of memory they use.  You may also want to do a disk clean up to delete temporary files.

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