Tips On How To Join The SEO Industry

There are many ways which people can get into the SEO industry, they may have been a website designer in the past or they may have a background in marketing, they may also be business owners trying to achieve their online marketing goals themselves. Whatever their background they will all need to start at the beginning whilst learning SEO.


Here are a few tips on how to begin:

1) Get Reading

There is a huge amount of information available on the Internet about search engine optimisation, there are also some hugely successful individuals and SEO companies who provide free information guides for you to use, to find these simply type into your search engine “SEO beginners guide”.

2) Practice Makes Perfect

As with anything practice makes perfect the more you perform certain tasks the better you become, search engine optimisation is no different. It is a good idea to set up various test websites in order to test your skills as you learn. Look at your target industries and create websites of similar content if you practice your SEO skills on these websites you will be learning what are the requirements to obtain high rankings for certain industry sectors

3) Learn The Difference Between On Site SEO And Off Site SEO

Search engine optimisation can be broken down into two broad categories, these are referred to as on site or on page SEO and off site or off page SEO. Each of these categories has their own distinct set of skills required, learning these skills is essential.

4) Learn To Write

There is an old saying in the web industry “content is king”, this phrase can often be over used but it is true, website content is often the most important aspect. Creating fresh unique content for your website is one of the Golden rules of search engine optimisation, if you become a master of creating engaging content there will be many benefits later on in the SEO process. Inevitably you will need to produce endless amounts of written copy to be placed on your websites or to be used with in your link building and off site SEO processes.

5) Join A Community

I have always found learning from other people and bouncing ideas around with a group of other Internet marketing professionals to be highly rewarding and useful in the learning process. I would strongly advise anybody that is thinking of joining this industry to join a community whether it is a forum or a social media group, groups on Facebook and linkedIn are particularly useful.

6) Keep Testing

There are many theories on SEO best practices,moment of them are backed up by huge amounts of research, however my advice would be to always test these theories for yourself, what works in one situation may not be right for everything . A good SEO consultant will always test new things and research new techniques. Always test on a test website, never on your primary or client website.

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