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How to make money with Facebook ads

Facebook is the second largest and most profitable website on the internet, and also the largest social networking platform online. Without Facebook, one can only imagine where the world would be today. Many people use Facebook to connect with their loved ones, and more importantly others use it to promote their business and earn money on the internet.

If you fall into the category of those that use Facebook for important things such as making money online other than chatting with friends – I have some tips to offer you in this article and I hope it helps you improve your earning power with Facebook.

Facebook ads

With Facebook’s popularity and large number of users, advertisement is a vital part of their revenue.  And just in 2010, reports from eMarketer confirm that Facebook’s revenue from advertising alone hit an astonishing $1.8 billion. It is also reported that its ads revenue for 2011 increased by 69%.

Ads for Facebook does not only serve as a source of revenue alone, but is also a powerful way for users to reach their potential customers on Facebook, which means a potential way for users to make money through Facebook.

You want to make sure that by advertising on Facebook, you are not just pouring a bucket of water into Facebook’s ocean of wealth, but you’re also advancing your business and creating a wider stream of income for yourself. How exactly do you do that? Follow the tips below:

Advertise Your Email List

If you are using your Facebook ads budget to market your Facebook fan page, you might end up making the wrong choice. Research has proven that almost less than 17% of your fans on Facebook can see what you share always. For you to spend money to get these fans means spending money to out your market in front of an audience that won’t see your products.

Direct your ads clicks to an opt in form that shows your potential customers why they should surrender their email address. Each email address you have is more valuable to you than a Facebook fan that might not see an update of yours.
Don’t forget to send regular tips and valuable information that are up to date to your email subscriber list – as this will make you and your company more familiar to them.

Make Your Newsletters Timely

Timeliness matters greatly when sending your email newsletters out to your fans. This is an email platform, and as such, you don’t expect your email to get read by 100% of your fans. To get the maximum benefit from your investment in Facebook ads, you need to monitor when your subscribers would be able to read your email newsletters with full concentration, and then schedule your newsletters to deliver at this period. This same strategy really works well also on Facebook.

You should also limit the number of times you send out your email newsletters to your email subscribers. Sending it too often will kill the relevance that you’ve built from the beginning and that will hurt your business.

Engage Your Fans in Your Posts

Practically everything that applies to Facebook marketing should be implemented in this tactic. Your Facebook fans are like social birds, they only stay where there’s engagement and they can quickly smell the presence or lack of it in a post. The moment your post begins to lack engagement, that’s when you already foiled your plans to make money with Facebook ads.

Apply the little tips I just shared with you in your Facebook advertisement plan and you’ll be able to make a decent amount of cash just by using Facebook ads.

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