PlayStation 3 For The Absolute Beginner

Have you just been given (or won) a PlayStation 3, but have no idea of the features and what it does?  Here’s some vital information for you to process. PlayStation 3 has many user friendly features that keep their users happy.

It is the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment and follows on the heels of the PlayStation 2. It has taken gaming to new heights and here’s just some of the main features to note.

  • It has a web browser
  • A slot-loading 2X speed Blu-ray disc drive for games, movies, DVDs and CDs along with other optical media.  Note: the Xbox cannot play Blu-ray DVDs.
  • The capability of chatting with other users on your social network, called Play Station home. Create your own profile and avatar there.
  • It stores movies
  • It stores photos and videos and displays them in high definition (HD) or standard definition, depending on the quality of the picture.
  • It plays Netflix as well as other online streaming services. However, for an alternative, have a look at now tv.
  • It has surround sound which makes for your ultimate home theatre enjoyment
  • It contains as much as a 320 GB hard drive. However the hard drive is interchangeable; you can swap out your lap top hard drive placing it in your PS3, something you can’t do with the Xbox.
  • As many as 7 blue tooth devices can be connected to it at one time.
  • One HDMI port, one Ethernet port and two USB ports come as standard.
  • Wi-Fi networking is built into all but the 20 GB models
  • Backwards compatibility allows for the newer version PS3 to be able to play the older PS1 games. Only the original 60 and 80 GBs with the SD slot can play PS2
  • Link your laptop to your PS3 and play or copy your music.
  • Its super slim size makes portability easier.

The PlayStation 3 PS3 is not limited to gaming. In other words while it is loaded with many entertainment features, one can also use it for education or physical fitness by inserting a disc designated for that purpose. PS3 offers many family friendly games for children such as:

  • World of Zoo – Players stock their zoos with dozens of animal species and then they can “edit” their animals’ features changing the color, fur pattern, size of ears, noses and so forth. Children will enjoy the silly images while learning the appropriate appearance and care of the animals.
  • Nancy Drew series – In this series Nancy goes undercover and helps to solve the mystery. Your child will become totally immersed in the story and learn to scout out clues improving their ability to listen and pay attention. This game will also help to boost your child’s confidence in their own abilities.
  • ItzaBitza – This game tests children’s reading and art skills while improving their vocabulary. The child will read the scenario and draw an object which will become animated and be used appropriately by the characters in the scene.
  • Crayon – is a game that allows children to use their imagination; in fact the sky is truly the limit. Their drawing can save the day for the character.
  • The Just Dance Kids series – This game allows children to dance at their own level to especially selected music which would appeal to them. It contains easy to memorize lyrics for sing along and has a parent’s corner so the parent can check the child’s progress and find out their favorite songs. Songs contain lyrics that are age appropriate.
  • Zumba Fitness – this game is geared towards helping one with a fitness program that is exhilarating and fun while helping them to improve their health, stamina and strength.

The above is only a small selection of the many games and entertainment features available to on your new PlayStation 3 PS3. These games are also compatible with your PC or laptop so can be played even when the adult in the home is using the PlayStation 3 for something else.

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