Quick Tips : Everything You Want to Know is an IP (Internet protocol) address. An IP address is the number designated for computers and other devices that are linked to a computer network that rely on IPs for interaction. If you are asking what is, it is a private IP address.

Private IPs

Because the IP address is private, it is frequently used as the default IP in router manufacturers’ devices. One of the reasons for its popularity is its use by D-Link and Netgear, two of the best known brands.

The address is regarded as private because it is. Few other IPs are. This numerical label is in the range starting at and ends in Every single one of these IPs cannot be reached from the Web. You need NAT (Network Address Translation) for Web communication.

Usage and Application

These private IPs are utilized on a network. However, only a single device can use it. If there is another that tries to use it, there will be a conflict. When this happens, one or all of the devices there attempting to use the IP will malfunction and affect the entire network. But bear in mind that this Internet protocol addresses can be employed in different networks, even simultaneously.

Default IP Addresses and Settings

When asking what is, it’s important to understand what the term default means. It simply means it is the IP that you will see when the router is installed. It is designed to assist a user gain access to the router set up.

This will be necessary when the router’s settings have to be configured. It is here that network security is configured properly. A network administrator will also go here to address any problems with the network.

Regardless of the manufacturer, they will use a password and username with their router. For security reasons, it is important that you change the password on a regular basis. After you get into the configuration, you will be able to modify the settings or the IP.

Here you can change the password and username. You can also alter the SSID or turn the WPA/WEP security on or off. The SSID can also be concealed here. Network administrators go to this section to modify or update security.

Gaining Access

Now that you know what is, it’s time to access it. The process could not be simpler; just type the IP in your browser’s address bar. There is no need to type http:// or www; just the IP address will be fine. Refer to your manual for the username and password.

If you cannot access the address, it is because the password you entered is wrong. Someone might have changed it, or you changed it but forgot. Another possible reason is the router you bought is second-hand. But there are workarounds. The simplest method is to restore the router to its default settings.

This method will restore the default password and username. If you are going to reset the router though, all settings you made are going to be lost. It’s a good idea to keep a record of your preferences.

Refer to your manual for instructions on how to reset the router. Usually it just means pressing a button and holding it down for five seconds. In some cases you have to turn the device off. Once the setting is reset, you can gain access to the system.

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