5 Handy Apps For Office Communication

Although some important documentation is still printed for certain reasons, placing paper memos outside employees’ office doors has become a thing of the past. Thanks to computers, the Internet and the advancement of technology, it’s possible to keep people informed and on track much easier than in years past. Apps for office communication allow for the immediate delivery of important information, resulting in increased productivity.

Does your workplace keep the ball rolling smoothly when it comes to communicating? Here are 5 handy apps for office communication for your consideration:

1. Skype

Hands-down one of the most popular ways to send IMs, video chat and make phone calls online, Skype is a must-have for technologically savvy offices. When logged into Skype, employees can quickly ask one another questions without the hassle of email or—gasp!—the age-old and time-wasting practice of walking over to one another’s desks. As long as you have a basic webcam, you can also use Skype for successful video conference calls between multiple offices.

2. Facebook Chat

Although more and more companies are blocking employees’ access to Facebook on their work computers due to the very likely possibility of wasting too much time on the social media platform, Facebook Chat or Facebook Messenger for Windows does allow users to see and respond to chats right from their desktops. This app may be best suited for social media-friendly companies or marketing agencies that monitor their clients’ online appearance in instant time.

3. Google Talk

Google Talk is especially great for offices that utilize Gmail for their email communications because it can run directly from Gmail without downloading any separate programs. If you don’t use Gmail regularly, you can download Google Talk software, commonly known as GTalk. All you need is a Google account that will be your username, which is free to create.

4. imo

imo is an app that gives users the ability to conduct conversations on multiple chat platforms all in one place. Do some of your clients, co-workers, friends and family use Skype while others prefer to stay in touch with Facebook Chat or GTalk? No problem, because imo does it all. Have real-time discussions or send short voice IMs instead of typing.

5.  ooVoo

In addition to offering instant messaging and video chats with up to 12 people at once, ooVoo allows users to send video messages and record and upload videos to YouTube. It’s available for PCs as well as Macs and has mobile versions that are supported by iPhones and Androids. File sharing is another added benefit of this free communication app.

Whichever apps for office communication your company utilizes, encourage all employees to take advantage of them and use them correctly. While instant messengers are great for getting a quick answer to a question without making a phone call or walking over to another department, they can also be used to send photos and chitchat about non-work activities. Be sure to let everyone know company policies regarding communication apps.

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