Better Websites Building Tips

For better sites building you have to build sites which are user-friendly AND optimized for search engines.

Here are 10 strategies for better Websites Building:

  1. Use valid HTML/CSS code. Search engines and users hate websites which cannot be read correctly
  2. Try to find out the most relevant keywords of your clients. Sort them by relevancy and list the first 12-15 keywords
  3. Provide useful and structured content which refers to the keywords
  4. Set keywords in bold within the text. Use keywords within the title tag.
  5. Use h1-headlines for the most important keywords
  6. Use alt-tags for images
  7. Design: Try to create a unique and attractive design. High-quality images will impress your visitors. Search for nice images in the web but do not copy them without permission!
  8. Submit your website to the most important search engines like Google, yahoo …
  9. Try to get new back links every week Search engines will love that. Be sure not to get bad neighborhood. Only quality websites should link to you. Directory listings will provide you with good links when they have a page rank of 2 or higher.
  10. Keep your website actual. A news section will provide visitors and search engine with new content.

If you have not the time or ability to design a website contact an agency with long-termed experience in websites building and SEO. Before placing an order you should check the references. There should be at least 20 web projects from different customers.

IM-Creator is one of the best solution to create your website. It’s too simple process with IM-Creator, You just have to choose a design, insert your content and publish it to the world – all in one simple, clear and seamless process.

They have initially built IM-Creator as a solution for anyone who face lot of difficulties in creating websites, give it a try and let us know what you think about IM-Creator website creator. IM-Creator also allows the web designer, to provide a better solution for your clients.  By using their professional tools, you will be able to design websites faster without the need of expensive developers.

In addition, you will be able to provide your clients with simple & flexible tools for them to freely update the website. The tools and designs are all provided free for your use.

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