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How to Create an Apple ID without A Credit Card?

iPhone is a popular gadget, which is used all over the world and people really wait for the new versions. Apple offers a wide range of apps and games for its users. These apps are easily available on the Apple store, called as iTunes. However, it is necessary to have an account on iTune to download a large verity of application, most of them are free.


To create an account you need a credit card and everyone do not have it. Many people don’t want to give the credit card details on the internet. So, majority of iPhone users look for the safe and secure way to create an account without a credit card. Here we are mentioning few simple steps, which will help you to create an Apple ID without a credit card.

Create an Apple ID without a Credit Card

1. Open iTunes store and pick your country. You can do so by clicking the appropriate flag of your country. These flags are located in the bottom of the main iTunes store page.

2. Go to the top navigation bar and click on App store.

3. At this stage you have to download a free app. For this purpose go to the App store window and find a list of free applications. You can download any app of your choice and after that click free app under the app icon.

4. Click on “create new account” in the pop up window.

5. You will see “Welcome to the iTunes store” on your screen. You have to click on ‘Continue’.

6. Read the terms and conditions and check the appropriate box to proceed further.

7. Click on Continue again.

8. Now, you have to enter your birthday, your password and answer your security question. Enter your birthday before clicking on continue.

9. There will appear many payment methods, click ‘None‘.

10. Fill in the required fields, which will ask for your name and address.

11. The next screen will be about verification of your account. Click on Done.

12. Now check your email for verification email, which is send by the iTunes store.

13. To activate your account, you have to open the email and click on the link sent by the iTunes.

14. When you will click on the link, you will be asked to sign in with your name and password.

15. Now you will see the screen saying “Congratulations”. When you will click done, it will take you to the iTunes home page.

The process is really simple and every iPhone user can easily follow it. After doing this you will have access to thousands of iPhone applications, which are offered by the iTunes store. You can easily download games are other app related to your work or hobby. iTunes offers apps related to almost every field of life, and if you have an account you can easily get them. Creating an account without a credit card was never so easy and there was the misconception that iPhone users cannot open account without credit card.

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