10 Reasons Why Your Google Adsense Earning is Low

Google AdSense is a popular program which is run by the Google Inc. It is a great source of income for many people around the world. It is a great source of revenue generation for the Google as the company collected 28% of its total revenue from Google Adsense. Google has stricken the criteria for Google Adsense now and it’s really difficult for publishers to get Google adsense account approved.


However, the approval of adsense does not ensure that you will get reasonable income. Many people consider it a fast way to become rich but when they find that it’s not the case they try to do other things, which are not really legal. Other than cheating the system, there are several other things, which can help you to increase your earnings if you have low earnings.

Why your Google Adsense Earnings Is low?

1. New blogs cannot earn much for you. So, if your blog is new you cannot expect a reasonable income. Work on your content and create your profile as professional blogger. Things will start working for you, slowly.

2. Another reason for your low income could be the low traffic towards your blog. You need a lot of traffic to make money at Google AdSense. Thousands of people should visit your blog, than you will get money. As a new blogger you have to concentrate on increasing the traffic, more traffic ensures more money.

3. Not just the traffic but source of your traffic also maters. If you are getting more traffic from social media website, it’s not really helpful. If people are visiting your page through a search engine, it will increase the chances of higher income. Work on SEO or search engine Optimization and earn more.

4. The content of your blog is also very important. For instance, if your blog is about a particular game, you will get more and more adds related to that game only and your income cost per click will be less. So, it’s really important to choose the right niche, if you really want to earn at Google Adsense.

5. You should create attractive content for the new visitors. Old ones will be familiar with the ads and there are fewer chances that they will click on ads. New visitors will be more curious and will defiantly click on the ads and you will get more money.

6. Wrong position of ads can be a cause of low income. Keep changing the position of ads and make them attractive by changing the color contrast.

7. If you have too many ads, it can also be a reason of low earnings. Few ads and more content will attract more people and you will get good income.

8. Location of your visitors is also important. If you are getting visitors from developing countries you will earn less while if you visitors are from developed nations, you will earn better.

9. If you have pop up ads, they will not really work for you. Pop up ads do not help in income generation.
10. If your ads are close to Google ads, that can also be a reason of low income. They should be separate from Google ads.

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