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Google Analytics Android App : Review

Recently Google released a dedicated Google Analytics app for Android devices, and it’s available for free download on Google play store. If you are familiar with the Google Analytics Web service then you must know that it provides statistics about your blogs/website and its visitors.

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The Google Analytics web service allows you to find a variety of information about your website, like what keywords have people typed into a search engine to find your site and from which OS visitors used when browsing my site and how many visitors used a mobile device to view my website and so on.  Google Analytics android app will also let you view your website mobile analytics from your mobile phone.

Google Analytics Android App Features

Account Home and Overview

The Account Homepage lists all of your website profiles, and filters in your Google Analytics account. Once you launch the Google Analytics Android App, this page is displayed. This can be used page to navigate to any property, profile, and filter to get a quick view of how each of them is performing using the 30-day visit and percent-change metrics.


The Dashboard provides an overview on how your websites are performing by displaying summaries of various reports as widgets on a single page. By default, you will see Daily Unique Visitors and Goal Conversion Rate, but you can customize the dashboard to change which reports, metrics, or segments you want to see. To manage your dashboard, use the Dashboards menu on the left, found under the Home tab.

Real-Time Statistics

Google Analytics Android app displays an optimized version of Real-time statistics which lets you watch visitor activity as it happens on your site. It displays the number active visitors on your website.

Automatic Alerts

These alerts are generated when Google Analytics detects any significant change in the traffic patterns on your site. Automatic alerts are created for all data in your account, so you can use this report to check past anomalies.

You can download Google Analytics android app from Google Play Store here. Stay tuned in and subscribe to us to get more latest updates!!

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