What new Games are there coming out for iPhone Users?

This year is proving to be another bumper one for those interested in mobile phones gaming, with plenty of exciting new games apps hitting the stores, and there are still plenty of good ones still to come in 2012 – particularly if you opt for an iPhone for your mobile gaming.

These are a couple of the best new games for users of the iPhone this year, whether they are comic book geeks or fans of underworld gangster films.

The Dark Knight Rises HD

The game based on this film is almost certain to be one of the biggest mobile phone games of the year – as the movie itself is already proving a spectacular box office hit. The HD version of the game, which is available for iPhone users, puts the player right in Batman’s shoes – having to handle everything from jailbreaks to rescuing hostages and dealing with bombs – as you try to protect Gotham City from everything thrown at it.

At £4.99 to download, there are certainly cheaper gaming apps available, but fans of the Caped Crusader are going to want this one.

Gangster Domination

On the other hand, if you prefer to approach the criminal world from the opposite perspective, this game – which has just been released for the iPhone – gives you the chance to play the head of an underworld gang, attempting to win supremacy on the streets of the city. Gamers have the option of playing alone or with friends, in collecting the designed cards needed to gain strength.


The more rare the card you collect, the greater the power and strength it affords you; while the tattoos you can collect, provide you with special powers. The app is free to download, which should further add to its popularity amongst iPhone gamers.

These are just a couple of the many excellent new games for iPhone users that are being released during 2012, suggesting it may be the best year yet for gamers using this device.

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