Top 5 Android apps to Check PNR status of your Indian Railways train ticket

Now a days lot’s of people frequently use Indian railways as a preferred mode of travel.We can easily book Indian Railway train ticket online via IRCTC. And now you can also check pnr status of your booked train ticket online with This is the website where you can easily track Railway(IRCTC) PNR Status.You need not bother to remember your PNR numbers, website automatically saves up to 5 recent PNR Numbers and provides user friendly design.

PNR Status android apps

But if you want to check your pnr status from your android smartphone, then don’t worry, there are some android app are available on Google play store which allows us to check PNR Status via phone. These 5 apps will help you in checking railway timetables, pnr status and seat availability – traveling by railway has never been that easy.

1. PNR status and train info

This is one of my favorite android app which helps to check PNR status of your Indian Railways train ticket, check PNR status of all tickets from your IRCTC account. Also you can check Train schedule from train name or train number, Trains between stations , Seat availability, Running status of a train, Arrivals and departures at a station, Fare enquiry and so on. Great, Isn’t it?

2. RAIL PNR Status

RAIL PNR Status app is an useful app to get the PNR information of railway tickets booked with Indian Rail. You have to just enter your PNR number and click on submit button then this app will bring you the PNR status.

3. Indian Rail PNR status enquiry

PNR status checker gives the status of reservations of Indian Railways.  This app stores the PNR and shows up when you are typing next time.  Interface is really simple. Give your PNR and it will show reservation status.

4. Indian Rail Info App

Get information about Indian Railways, anytime anywhere. PNR Status, Find Trains  This app is designed to allow user to fetch transit related information about Indian Railway. This app supports and allow you to check- PNR Status, Train Search,  Seat Availability (For trains running from Major Stations), Seat Availability (Between any two stations), New Train Number finder, Arrival & Departure, Train Running Status and so on.

5. IRCTC Mobile App

This application is for booking your train tickets in Indian Railways. This app uses network connection for contacting the server. You can book both tatkal and general tickets through this app.

All above app will help you to check pnr status from anywhere from your very own android phone. So these are most probable reasons to confidently travel. If you know more such app then share with us via comments below.

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  • This all five applications are amazing,I downloaded all five applications.This apps are good to check the irctc pnr status and train schedules.Thanks for sharing this information.

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