Top 5 E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

As we all know that presently we are standing at the age of World Wide Web. With the passage of time, almost each and every business sectors have started depending on the online trading. And as a result, the concept of search engine optimisation has become popular, which helps the websites of the different businesses feature in the top search engine results. Now, content management, being an important part of this, is quite highly used by the different SEO experts.

E-Commerce Plugins

WordPress is such a popular CMS or Content Management System. This is particularly very crucial for e-commerce. So, we need to ensure that it works perfectly well, whenever required. For the smooth working of the system, we need to have some plugins. Following are the 5 best e-commerce plugins for WordPress:

1. Ecwid

This free plugin is meant for the above mentioned Content Management System. This is a comprehensive e-commerce system or shopping cart, which is quite easy as far as its installation process is concerned. It can even be maintained in an easy manner. The best part of it is that you can customise according to your choice and need so that it appears just the way you want to in your website. However, people, who have not enabled JavaScript in their site, might find it a bit difficult to use.

2. eShop

It is considered to one of the comprehensive e-commerce systems for WordPress. It even comes for free and an all-rounder as far as shopping cart is concerned. You will find the plugin’s admin area to be very simple to use as well as adding products, checking stats and reviewing products to be the easiest with this plugin. The entire system can be customised so that you can make it look just the way you want it to.

3. WP e-commerce

This is one of the free e-commerce systems for the Content Management System, which we are talking about. It is amongst the widely used plugin for WordPress. In fact, WP e-commerce is attributed with many more features than the plugin mentioned earlier like eShop.

To call it as a mere “plugin” as regards to the traditional usage of the word would mean undervaluing such an amazing e-commerce solution that is based on WordPress.

4. Shopp

Shopp is one of the excellent shopping cart plugins, which can be used for WordPress. However, as we all know, excellence always comes with a cost, the price range of this WordPress plugin starts from around $ 55. At this rate, one can get a single license of this software.

The additional plugins like payment gateways, support prioritization and payment gateways can be bought for extra prices. This price range is negligible is case of most of the business ventures.

5. PHPurchase

This, unlike the other free plugins for WordPress, is a paid plugin. The starting cost of this plugin software is about $ 49. The Standard edition of PHPurchase is mostly available at this price, whereas, Pro version of it can be bought at a cost of approximately $99.

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