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How to Backup Facebook Photo Albums to Your Computer?

Facebook is a popular social networking website and it has millions of members now. It offers not just the interactive medium but members can share their photos, ideas, videos and anything else they want to share with their family and friends. If you are one of those, who have a lot of pictures in their albums in Facebook, you are not alone.

download facebook photo albums to pc

A lot of people share a lot of pictures with their friends, but the problem comes when they want to create a backup of this album on their computer. This problem is even more intense, if you have a large number of photos on Facebook.

Usually, when we want to save our album on our computer system, it’s really a time taking job. It is really difficult to download each and every photo one by one. If you want to download Facebook albums to your computer system, then following simple process can help you.

1. Get Firefox with FacePaste add-on

For this process, you need a browser, which has a FacePaste add-on for downloading Facebook photos. This feature is available on Firefox. So, if you don’t have Firefox, install it on your computer. If you already has a Firefox, download this feature which is called as Album downloader for Facebook.

2. Start Downloading Entire Facebook Albums

You have to sign in your Facebook account. Go to your profile and click on the photo link. Now, go to your album and right click on your album, which you want to download.  You will be prompted for an output directory. You will get many options, but you have to click on “Download this Facebook album”. A box will appear which will help you to download your album in your preferred location. You can create a new folder for this purpose, or you can save this album in the existing folder too.


By selecting the destination folder, download will start immediately. The time of downloading depends on your number of photos. You will get the notification, when downloading is completed. If you want to download more albums, you can repeat the same process again and again.

In this way, you can download your entire Facebook album in any specific folder. It’s simple and quick. Instead of downloading photo by photo the entire album will be in your hard drive at once. It’s easy and everyone can save his precious moments in his hard drive now, without struggling much.

Download the Firefox and the FacePaste add-on that all you need for downloading your Facebook albums to your computer system.

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