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Top 5 Tactics to Increase Website Traffic

Here are Top 5 Tactics to Increase Website Traffic . There are many different types of websites on the internet, but the one thing that they all have in common is a need for traffic. Without traffic, blogs have no readers, shopping sites have no buyers and the internet in general is not a very exciting place for a website. But with traffic, the possibilities are endless for a website. Here are the top five tactics to increase website traffic.


Target Content to a Share-Happy Audience

Some audiences are much more likely to share information than others. They are more active on social media, forums or answer sites. If a website targets its content to audiences such as these, that audience will create a great deal of backlinks with very little prompting. Not only will traffic increase from all the social sharing, backlinks are very important in Google rankings.

Participate in Existing Audience Communities

There really is nothing new under the sun. If a website specializes in a particular niche, there is bound to be content already out on the internet on that subject. A great way to increase traffic is to participate on the sites where that topic is already being discussed. Forums are one of the best ways – website owners can simply participate and be helpful.

A link to their own website in their signature will bring in a significant amount of traffic. Another resource is answer sites, such as Yahoo! Answers. Website owners can answer questions related to their niche and point people to their website for further information.

Make use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)

Not only do well over a billion people use social media sites (900 million for Facebook alone, another 465 Twitter users, 100 million for Google+ and 130 million for LinkedIn), these people are already part of a “share-happy” audience. Websites that update their Facebook pages with links to their newest posts, Tweet about their newest product, or share a thought on Google+ are far ahead of the competition in terms of traffic.

Not only do the original viewers click through to the website, they often share re-Tweet or share a post, leading to even more traffic. The power of social media cannot be ignored in website traffic.

Install and Use Analytics

Even if a website gets a lot of traffic, it is impossible to tell exactly how many people visited or where they came from without analytics. Two great resources are Google Analytics and StatCounter. These resources not only tell websites how many visitors they received in a certain time frame, they also tell where they came from, how long they stayed, which pages they viewed (and how long they viewed them), any links or ads they clicked, anything they may have downloaded, even which keywords they searched for when they found the site.

Websites can take this information and focus their efforts on the areas and sources where they get most of their traffic to increase it even further.

Use Search Engine Optimization

The idea with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make website content as search engine-friendly as possible. Too little or not in the right spot and Google will completely ignore the site. Too much (or not in the right spot) and Google will flag the site for spam.

Keywords should be used in URLs, page titles, headings and as anchor text, and should appear at a density of 3-5% in the body of the website.

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