7 Must Have Accessories For Your iPad

An iPad can be a great gadget and fulfill your needs for entertainment, productivity and any other need. However one can increase the productivity to a great extent by adding various accessories to the iPad and enjoy the various possibilities this wonderful gadget has to offer. Some of the accessories every iPad owner must have are listed below.

Wireless Keyboard


Typing on the iPad can be a bit hard and is an especial nuisance for people who use to type a lot. Although with more practice, one can achieve a decent typing speed on an iPad, it is still no match against a conventional keyboard. The first thing to get with your iPad will be hence a keyboard. It will help in drastically improving productivity for your iPad.

iPad Cover

Though the iPad looks best without any cover, it is quite vulnerable to breakage and scratches. Hence invest in a decent iPad cover which can provide decent protection against normal wear and tear. There are many different types of iPad covers available in the market. Choose the one which suits your taste and convenience.

Lens Attachment

Though the iPad is not known as a photographer’s first choice, it can however deliver decent pictures for personal use. You can enhance its capabilities by adding a lens attachment for optical zoom and taking distant pictures. An optical zoom unlike the digital zoom renders true pictures and is really effective in getting good pictures.

Screen Protector

Despite having a cover, the iPad screen is still susceptible to your finger prints as well as scratches while using the iPad. Hence stick a screen protector sheet to the iPad so you can watch great videos and always be in awe with the great screen.

DC Car Charger

This accessory will make sure that your iPad never runs out of battery when you are outdoors. Although the iPad comes with a great battery back-up for continuous ten hours of use, there is still a chance that your battery gets over when you needed it the most and hence the car charger kit can come handy. Just insert the charger kit into the DC source of your car and get your iPad charged.

Touch Pen Or Stylus

A touch pen can provide you with better navigation and also help in delicate tasks which are hard to do with your fingers like drawing. There are various touch pens with different width so that you can choose the one which will suit your needs. Also there are touch pens which have bristles like paint brushes and hence are really handy while painting.

Bluetooth Speaker

The iPad comes is one of the sleekest gadgets in the market and looks real great. The same however goes against it in terms of sound quality. It is quite evident that listening to songs on the speakers of an iPad is not something everyone dreams of. Here the Bluetooth speakers come to rescue.

There are various Bluetooth speakers which can provide a decent sound experience to one of the best sound experiences. Also one can choose from the ultra portable speakers to the big and bulky window shattering types.

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