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The Amazing Spider-Man game now available on Android and iOS

The Amazing Spider-Man game now available on Android and iOS. What a great news for all of the Spider-man fans out there and not just them; we would all like to spread our nets and use the spider senses using the Smartphone. No matter if you are an Android or iOS user, you will have a chance to enter the world of this Marvel comic character.


What’s inside the package?

First thing we would like to put an emphasis on is the great looking, realistic (not perfect, but good enough) cartoon-like 3D world; as the trailer say: “Explore a 3D full open world”. You will get a chance to fly over the cars, to jump from one skyscraper to another, to weave your way through the narrow streets and wide boulevards and to save the world from the attack of a Lizard monster.


Besides fighting the Lizard monster (major bad guy in this episode) you will also have a chance to fight random gangs on the streets of Manhattan and all this from the safety of your home. We must mention 3D world one more time (at least) since you do not have to fight anyone if you decide not to, you can simply enjoy beautiful vistas.

Jump on the buildings and soak New York City (Five different districts in the game-Downtown, Business, Central Park, Residential and Pier). You will feel like you’re on the top of the world. You might even feel the light breezes going through your hair, if you spend too much time enjoying the scenery.

Having 3D is great but tell me what the story is about?

As we already stated in the previous paragraph, the major bad guy is a Lizard monster. Besides this you will go through 5 different districts and explore the city while fighting against the bad guys. This part reminds of the GTA serial since that was the first serious 3D city game ever made. We all remember how we used (a lot of people still do) to drive a car while enjoying the music on our favorite radio station. Spider-man is a lot like that but this time you’re a good guy and not a tough guy that earns his paycheck by running down the innocent bystanders.

Fighting scenes are a combination of special spider techniques (you might find the so called “stealth takedown” quite interesting), while the opponents have bats, knifes, guns etc…and yes, most of them are mutants. The action is a bit repetitive and the dialogues two, but the game is a pure fun and it will keep your fingers glued to your smart device for a long time.

What is the conclusion?

First thing we would like to mention is the graphics. While the 3D city looks great, we think that the developers could have spent more time polishing the edges, but overall: very satisfying.

The story has some intro and conclusion but it is definitely not fantastic. There are lots of repetitive actions and it might look like it was made for someone who doesn’t care too much about the story as long as there is some basic, raw action.

If we put aside what we’ve just said, you will definitely not make a mistake if you decide to purchase this game. It is pure fun and those $5 (approximately) will be well spent, as long as you like web-slinging (you will have a “right-behind-Spideys-shoulder” kind of a view while “flying” through the air) and that you are a big Spider-mans fan. Saving innocent citizens had never been so much fun; keep tapping your devices.

The Amazing Spider-Man ($6.99) [iTunes link] [Google Play link]

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