9 Useful Cross-Platform Tools to Make Your Life Easier

This article can be useful for those who work with different platforms. There are many cross-platform tools that can make your job easier. We would like to introduce you some of them, if you have not heard about them before.

Cross-Platform Tools


As you know MySQL is one of the most popular database servers worldwide. MySQL is used by the plenty of powerful CMS, HRM and ERP, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. For those who use SQL and are looking to migrate, MySQL has simple migration GUI tools.


This tool is a perfect solution that makes editing audio process easy and fast. Using this software you can record your podcasts in any platform. Audacity is compatible with Windows, Linux and other OS.


AbiWord is a word processing program. It is similar to Microsoft Word fast, lightweight, with wide range of features. It suits any platform. AbiWord has very useful collaboration tool which allows you to share of data with other users in your system.

Zimbra Desktop

This tool gathers information across your mail and social media accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Zimbra, etc.). So Zimbra Desktop delivers synchronized information offline to make users’ life as convenient as it possible.


This tool is one of the most popular and simple FTP clients that provides high efficient service for Windows platform. FileZilla is a multipurpose server with plenty of features such as SFTP, drag and drop, IPv6 support, tabbed interface and more.


SoiderOak is one of the cloud tools that allow you to back up your data in minutes and share folders using RSS. It is similar to Dropbox, but here you are not limited to the folder and can preserve historical versions of files as well.

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is a based on GTK+ fast, versatile email client. This tool expends boundaries of your abilities when you use standard e-mail client. There are also many plug-ins to make it flexible and powerful.


This software is free and designed to be easy-to-use financial-accounting tool. There are plenty of features are available which make this software perfect solution for small business. Using GnuCash you can track bank accounts, income and expenses, stocks.

The Gimp

The Gimp is useful and powerful graphic application. Unfortunately this tool is not available for iOS and Android platforms. But it is yet powerful tool with plenty of features and filters to manipulate images by any level of user.

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  • Thank you for the list, I want to add Dropbox to it – allows to transfer and share files extremely quickly on all systems -. I’ve found it extremely useful and easy.

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