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Sites Gear Up to Conform to Frequent Panda and Penguin Updates SEO

One of the most recent updates in the world of SEO happened only more than a week ago. On the 20th of August, Panda introduced a new way of assessing the suitability of sites to hitting the top ten of the search indexes. This comes in the wake of major similar updates that happened in the fourth month of this year.

Google Panda and Penguin updates

While the earlier refreshes left sites that had not conformed to optimization and link building ethics losing their popularity, the latest ones have met sites that are waiting for any inkling of change.

How to Wait for Updates

One thing aboutPenguin, for example, is that it never gives a prior warning to SEO stakeholders that it will change anything. This is why webmasters need to strengthen their links all the time, as a matter of fact. They should ideally conform to the following ideals that most of the best-performing websites have always done:

  • Remove all the spam-filled links that are usually instruments of black hat strategies.
  • Do away with live connections that are double-edged: such links lead to sites that have no affinity at all with the niche of the site.
  • Only remain with weighty links, preferably one-way, that one can possibly find.

The best SEO for the Latest Panda

Webmasters should remember that the 20th August update will not stay for long before another comes to be. This has been the trend of the crawlers, for so long, because they seek different means to increase the analytical worthiness of a site for it to make it to the top of the search indexes. One can borrow a leaf from sites that are following the best SEO ethics to combat any future changes.

These include: creating pages that are navigable and doing enough keyword research to help to keep the content relevant and niche-based. It is also important to optimize the page, following the strictest organic strategies. This will prevent sites from receiving penalties that can affect their performance.

A Cross Tie Between Panda/Penguin

One of the contemporary trends of SEO enthusiasts is to create a site wholeheartedly. It includes both link building, page formatting and content development features that conform to any surprise changes by either of the two search tools. This removes the pitfall of only sticking to either the links side or the page side and thus suffering the consequences of poor optimization.

In a word, SEO, especially in this day and age, has to conform to the updates that are happening frequently by the leading Google analytical tools.

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