Why You Should Prefer Online Backups Over External Drives

The use of cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for business owners with large and small data storage needs. Not only do online backups make storing your data easier, it’s also a much safer and cost effective way of archiving crucial data. And when you really take full advantage of the advantages of the cloud, you can make your team more productive using all of the options available. Depending on the size of your business, you may find a variety of reasons to switch over from the use of your own hardware to virtual options.

Online Backups Over External Drives

Space Issues

The more data you have to keep track of, the more external drives will be necessary to keep your business operational. It is difficult to mix and match a new external drive to your old equipment because of continued advancements in technology.

Finding space to devote to all of your hardware can often become a problem when you have little office space. Storing your information in the cloud allows you to free up space in the office and keep your hardware options streamlined.

Scalability of Online Options

Space and price issues can prevent many businesses from purchasing the physical storage solutions they need, while online storage is great because it is scalable. If your data storage needs fluctuate, storing your data in the cloud allows you to choose from many options at various price points.

Online Backups and Stability

Having an online backup of existing data ensures that in the event of a hardware failure, your data will be safe. Saving multiple copies of your files is always encouraged, but the added expense of external drives can become unaffordable with time.

Increased Mobility

While there are options for accessing the data on your external drives while you are out of the office, the computer you are connecting to must be powered on when you are on the go. Things like power failures can often prevent you from accessing your data. Cloud storage options offer easier access to your data any time of day because your data is stored on dedicated servers outside of the office.

Catastrophic Failures

Catastrophic hardware failures can cause businesses to lose their data forever. While the data from hard drives can often be recovered, there is added expense involved. These services are also not guaranteed. Cloud storage helps business owners avoid the possibility of hardware failure by creating backups of existing files.

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