Upcoming New iPhone 5 Accessories

iPhone 5 Accessories are always fun to have and use. For one thing, it personalizes your iPhone, creating your own signature mark that denotes your ownership of that specific unit. Second, it’s just plain fun to show off to friends some of the innovative, cool and even wacky things that we can do with our iPhones.

iPhone 5 Accessories

The iPhone 5, being that it has grown a little thinner than the iPhone 4S (From 9.3 mm to 7.6 mm), may warrant a few redesigns in original iPhone cases, covers and accessories. But what are some of the new accessories out there that we can already use for this new iPhone? We’ve gathered a few bits of information from the web about some of these iPhone 5 Accessories so you’ll have an idea what they would generally feel and look like.

1. iLuv Pulse Case

iLuv Pulse Case

iPhone cases that make your unit look like bricks, controllers and retro stuff is already quite common. How about shifting the themes a little to make your unit look like some kind of delicious candy or pastry? Of course, iPhone 5’s looking like candy isn’t surprising anymore for iLuv.

Many of the original and interesting iPhone 5 cases released by iLuv have the touch of color and brightness. While it may not look seek or cool, it does look quite cute, making your iPhone pass off as a dainty accessory. Just keep in mind not to stare at it too much, especially if you’re hungry and most especially if you have a sweet tooth. One of the best iPhone 5 Accessories.

2. X-Doria Cubit Case


iPhone accessories usually use customization options as a functionality. For example, lens enhancement accessories for iPhones usually have adjusters to help adjust the focus of the camera as if using a professional camera. However for the X-Doria Cubit case, the situation is different.

Customization is just but an element of design, as the tiles of this great iPhone case can be arranged and set into different shapes and patterns of blue and light blue.

3. Hitcase Pro Shock and Waterproof Case


Despite the general affordability of smartphones today, they are still not considered as something that can be bought, used and thrown away. To protect your precious mobile device investment, you need the appropriate accessory that would protect it from all elements.

Let us introduce the Hitcase Pro Sock and Waterproof case, the iPhone case that is specifically designed to protect your iPhone 5 from almost anything. It can keep your iPhone 5 ultimately safe from harm, although it definitely isn’t placed at the same category as other relatively affordable iPhone 5 cases and iPhone 5 Accessories.

4. iLuv Camera Case

This is another interesting iPhone case made by iLuv. As you might have guessed, this iPhone 5 case is shaped like a camera, and it is specifically molded after the vintage Leica camera. The bulky part that’s supposed to be the lens is actually a compartment to keep your earphones. You can strap it around your neck as if it is a real camera.

Not really that bright and colorful, but you may find the standard creamy brown color of the casing suitable for a “faux camera guy” look.

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