Top Ten Apps for Web Designers

If you have an iPhone, you must use these different apps, which will make your life easy. A lot of applications are available, which can help in sketching and in the selection of colors. You can use your iPhone as a designing tool too. The important things is to download right kind of applications.


Although, many other Smartphones as been launched, recently and they are giving close competition to the iPhone, but even now iPhone is the first choice of designers. So, here are some iPhone applications, which can help in designing. These applications are helpful in different ways.

1. Omnifocus

The Omni Group has designed this application and it is available for the iPhone users, in 13.99 pounds. This application won the award for best productive application, when Apple launched it. The interface of this application is really simple. It has many features, which are easy to use. The price seems a bit high, but if you compare it with the features, you will not consider it much.

2. The TypoGraphy Manual

The application is developed by Justin Stahl, and for the users of the iPhone it is available for just 2.49 pounds. This application is really helpful, if you want to get a few tips about the text setting. It also offers practical hints for the users and you can get information about different related terms as well. Some tools, like a ruler for font size and web type calculator are also provided.

3. iDesign

iDesign is developed by TouchAware Ltd and its price is 2.99 pounds. This is another drawing and designing application. You will be able to draw with your fingertip and your view will not be blocked. It also features editing functions, and you can draw while you are on the go.

4. Todo

Developed by the Appigo, Inc, this application is available for 2.99 pounds. This helps you in task management, and you can use it will other applications like iCal, DropBox and iCloud. You can manage your work in different checklists and can mark deadlines on your calendar. It will make easier for you to manage your work.


This application is developed by X-Rite Inc, and its price is 6.99 pounds. This application has an amazing collection of colors, as you can get more than 13,000 colors here, not from Pantone only but by others also. This great variety of colors can help you to create different shades and you can create color palettes as well. You will be able to synchronize them with your software, you are using for designing.

6. Cinemagram

Cinemagram is developed by Factyle,Inc and it is available for free. Instagram is another related application, which relates motion and photography by using your iPhone. You can apply different filters and can share your creations on social media websites.

7. Palettes

Richard Maddy is the developer of Palettes and you have to pay no money for this. You can use it in your design work, when you are managing with different colors. You can add colors manually and get the samples from different other websites and images too. The initial application is free and you can upgrade it for Basic and pro versions.

8. Mill Colour

The Mill is the developer of this application and it’s available for free. This application is developed to grade photos, based on the experiences of seasoned colorists. Instead of using a filter for grading, it changes your original image and you will be able to create a replica. It will give the feeling of a digital photo.

9. Harvest

Iridesco,Inc is the developer of this application and it is available free of cost. The design of this tool is simple and same is true for the functions also but it’s really effective. It is equipped with the timers, which look like the stopwatch and you can use them for different tasks. You will be able to keep the record of many things with the help of Harvest.

10. What the Font

This application is developed by the Bitstream,Inc and its available for free. This is an easy to use application, which is developed to recognize any typeface, on the bases of photograph saved in your iPhone. You can get information regarding purchasing and many other related things. It can not work accurately always, but usually its really helpful.

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