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Google Finally Set up a Link Disavow Tool

What would be the one most important thing that owners would want for their websites? Of course that would be getting a good rank from Google. According Google, they have about 200 ways to measure if a site is worthy enough to be ranked higher in their list. So, what puts sites in the naughty list? According to them, the “unnatural, paid and seemingly schemed” links are the culprits. Now, Google has come up with a new option for the webmasters- the ability to disallow links that bring in bad reputation.

Google disavow tool

The webmasters and the SEO people were demanding for such a tool for so long from Google so that they can stop such spammy links to ruin their character online. This option will not only help the webmasters to keep it clean for their website but also mitigate Google’s workload to keep the cyberspace and their search engine free of spams. Since all the webmasters will be doing it themselves, the work will be now much easier. It is to notice that the statement will only apply for the webmasters who want to be the good ones.

However, not all the sites should rush and start using the tool. Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, while announcing the availability of the option, had also the clear mention that not all the sites would need that. The sites that are notified by them with the presence of any unnatural or suspicious links would go and try to find out the problem makers and may disallow them to save the rank in Google.

The sites not notified of any such issues can really forget about this tool since the more healthy links they have pointing to their sites, the better! Also, this tool should be used only when the website owners are incapable of removing the low-quality links directing to their sites by themselves after trying all means. This is the last option when Google will step in and help them out.

Having this task done is pretty easy. The webmasters just have to visit the link Disavow tool Page, select their site and when prompted, they will have to update a simple file containing the list of links they would want to disallow.

google diavow tool

The details of the procedure can be found in the blog with many more specifications. Now, to find out the potential malicious links to the website, the owners can use the “Links to Your Site” option of Google and check out what is routing back to their websites. If there is nothing wrong with the remaining links, there is nothing to worry about! Google’s link disavow tool works with appropriately formatted text files. The correct format is one URL per line. You can use a .txt file but a .csv will also work fine.

Check out the following video where Matt cutt explains about Google Disavow tool in details.

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