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Three Mistakes of A Social Media marketing Campaign

Social media budget though may sound like a bit of oxymoron is an alien word in the dictionary of most companies who are just unwilling to part with a single penny to reinforce their brand presence in social media circles. What they believe is that, and I think they strongly believe this, Facebook Likes, Tweets or Pins usually fall from the sky without any kind of divine intervention and therefore, there is no as such need to spend money on social media marketing. But this is not what troubles me most.

I feel extremely terrible when I see that companies have some social media budget but the money is actually going to the drain thanks to great and innovative minds of high paid employees. Not only people like these are spoiling the industry, they are also equally making it tough for those who are planning to do something different.

So, as expected, companies are and will always be splurging money on the social media marketing front without caring little for things like engagement, interaction, brand outreach and other things. So, if you do not want to make your social media marketing campaign another huge time and money waster, you need to read this post –

Not giving importance to Existing resource

Most people forget the fact that social media marketing involves utilizing existing resources in a more engaging way. But people tend to ignore this universal truth and try to build their reputation in social circle from the scratch. Even if they manage to achieve some kind of brand presence in the social sphere, it will horribly long time.

So, as a social media marketer, you need to know how to use existing email database, website traffic or foot traffic to gain better exposure in the social sphere. Though most companies are aware of the importance of streamlining their marketing activities, they are blissfully ignorant of some real issues that can sabotage their marketing effort for once and all.

People forget to focus on crucial things like – Customer’s benefits, Call to Action, Customer Satisfaction etc while promoting offline. The same goes true with traditional TV advertisement where you will rarely see any such attempt to include to link to twitter and Facebook account in the commercials. News Paper ads are another testimony to similar level of stupidity as they rarely contain mentions of Twitter, Facebook or any other social media profiles of the advertisers and thereby losing out on visibility that could otherwise have easily attained.

In the same way, when you are giving someone your visiting card or sending news letter, you need to make sure that they contain references of your company’s social media profile so that they can get connect to your brand if they wish so.

Having Accounts in them All

Most companies are adverse to the idea of spending their money on social media because they believe that social media is free. True, you would not have to pay a penny to create an account in Facebook or in Google Plus. They are free and they will remain free for the rest of our lives. Probably on this ground, most companies show their disinterest to spend money. All they do is create different accounts in different social media sites and then these accounts only add to the level of confusion.

Since a big corporate organization has in an average 178 social media accounts, general people like you and me cannot decide where to get connected to in order to resolve an important issue. Since these companies are treating social media marketing department with least importance, chances are that they are just increasing the level of confusion to their audience and as we are well aware of the fact that a confused buyer is the last thing on earth that you might want to face.

Probably this is the reasons why we are seeing so many companies struggling to maintain their reputation intact as they might have initially treated social media with less importance and when customers started trashing the company on the Yelp, they stirred to action and create a separate department for dealing with things like this. So, do not make your company’s money go to trash with innumerable social media accounts. Stick to three or four social media profiles and you will just be fine.

Do not Promote Twitter Or Facebook

This may sound like a heresy but the sooner you realize the truth, the better. I have seen the meteoric rise of Aol as a platform of communication its early days and have witnessed its fall. During its hay days, marketers have invested like anything on it because it was immensely popular.

In fact, some had gone extra miles and had started promoting the platform than their brand image. But as soon as it died away, all these marketing initiatives come to a standstill. All the money goes wasted and there is no to recover it. Since they were betting big on the platform rather than trying to strengthen their stance, they lost everything.

So, here is my two pence. While promoting yourself in social media, you should make it a point that you are not promoting the social media site rather, you should be channelize your effort to promote your brand and not the other way round.

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