5 Best Keyword Research Tools for Webmasters

It is very important for every webmaster or someone with an intention to start a business to know the top keyword research tools they can depend on and how they can get some of the benefits of the required keywords, more so due to the ever growing competition that exists among businesses in each and every level.

There are a number of very crucial details to put into consideration when deciding on which keyword research tools to use for such purposes. They include prior analysis to determine if particular keywords are related to the web in a genuine way, to have a critical overview and analysis concerning the competition of each of the existing keywords and the traffic for every keyword that is expected on the website.

Keyword Research

The good news is that a number of tools are now available to make this work on the webmaster much easier. The tools available are either free of charge or purchased but a number of the free tools are just as good as the ones that are paid for, if not better.

Keyword research tools assist the webmasters very much in optimizing websites for the search engines. In case a website appears on the first page of Google results and any other search results for any search engine, then it’s the keywords used that play a major role in bringing the word at the very top. The following are some of the 5 top keyword research tools which one may use to get the best keywords that can be used for blog posts and even website pages.

1. Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool

This Google Adwords keyword tool provides plenty of information about local search and global search. The overall competition for this tool is relatively low, high and medium for each and every keyword phrase or keyword. Since they are available in both long tail and short tail, they are very appropriate for both blogs and websites.

Every keyword used works very well and will also bring in good traffic. There is also a range of opportunity to make use of different word combinations that distinctly show how voluminous the traffic of the blog or the website is on a daily basis. There is also an assurance that you will get complete success and good positive results when you use this keyword tool.

2. Keyword List Generator

Keyword List Generator is also one of the best tools used to find keywords. All you need is to enter a number of keywords for a pre-set niche, press the generate button and leave the tool to do the rest. The tool will bring up a long list of keywords or phrases depending on the keyword that you entered in the boxes.

3. KeywordDiscovery

Keyword Discovery is another great keyword research tool which gives over a hundred suggestions related to the keyword. You get to know about how many times a particular keyword has been searched for the last twelve or so months. It derives its data from over one hundred different search engines.

4. SEMRush

This is another tool recommended for Keyword research. With SEMRush, you don’t have to sign up on the website when you need to search the keywords. Apart from being free, the tool also gives you a list of suggestions of all the frequently searched keywords related to your query in a nice way. The tool also provides information that’s highly ranked for the item searched, concerning the websites. It also gives suggestions of other related words

5. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy is another great keyword research tool which is not only diverse but also free. It gives other keyword suggestions and also gives you the opportunity to check the websites of other competitors for specific keywords. It gives suggestions of keywords based on the facts of data from Yahoo, Bing and AdWords. The data is updated frequently and may be the best option for Google Adwords Keyword tools.

In conclusion, all the aforementioned keyword research tools have been proven quite effective; the choice remains with the webmaster. While using any of them, never use top keywords that are highly competitive as they can lead to a dismal ranking of the website. Go for top keywords which have little competition so as to have better outcomes and also easily rank high in the search engines.

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