An Overview of Applicant Tracking Systems

Due to technological advancements, there are items being created on a continual basis that help workplaces operate in more efficient and effective manners. One such item is known as an applicant tracking system. This type of system is a software application that is most commonly referred to as an ATS.

Applicant Tracking Systems

By using an ATS, a business can gain the ability to more effectively recruit and hire qualified candidates for open job positions. This type of system readily makes the job of human resource workers much simpler as well as less time-consuming. For most businesses, time is money, making an ATS system a great way to boost profit levels.

When it comes to applicant tracking system, there are different types that can be utilized. Smaller businesses will likely choose to use a different type than the ones used by medium and large businesses and vice versa. One of the most advantageous reasons to use an ATS is that recruiting functions can be handled through the use of a computer instead of having to pilfer through large amounts of paperwork.

Also, an ATS provides a user with certain screening questions that should be asked of an applicant depending on the position that he or she is applying for.By having predetermined questions identified, recruitment officers are able to save time when it comes to screening job applicants.

An ATS can be used for much more than simply collecting and organizing resumes and applications. In addition, it can be used to organize applicants according to different types of predetermined criteria; this allows a recruiting officer to easily identify which applicants are most suited for a certain job position. While most filing cabinets are organized according to alphabet, an ATS has the ability to organize files according to a multitude of criteria. Files can be arranged according to the applicants’ language proficiency, special job skills, salary requirements, and much more.

Using an ATS is a great way to save space within a workplace. Filing cabinets take up large amounts of room; however, since an ATS is used via a computer, all stored data is saved in a virtual manner. If the ATS is an online software, this enables users of the application to access stored data from any location that has an Internet connection. Also, since data is saved virtually, much more data about each applicant can be stored versus saving data in a filing cabinet.

Small businesses that only employ a few workers may not need to use a comprehensive ATS; however, larger businesses will probably want to use one that comes with a wide range of features and functionalities. In some instances, if a business has no idea how to use an ATS, it will need to obtain training, or it may even want to consider outsourcing ATS tasks.

In doing so, a business can rest assured that the ATS is being used in the best manner possible; thus, allowing the business to gain the most benefits possible out of the software application.

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