Introducing Adobe Eazel for Photoshop

In a number of ways, today’s technology can be termed as magical. One good reason why it should be called so is it even makes you doubt your naked eye. Thanks to an exquisite collection of software like Photoshop. It is really amazing what software like Photoshop can do to please or displease your eye. So your eyes are only as trustworthy as your ears.

Adobe Eazel for Photoshop

Over the years, Photoshop has succeeded in providing life-like images and showing you the impossible. The magic that it brings out has compelled people to master it or at least learn it to undertake their daily tasks. Photoshop developers have done wonderfully well to raise the application to what it is today. Lots of developments, introduction of new features, addition of tools and plug-ins have taken the software to dizzying heights.

Adobe Eazel

Here is yet another new feature introduced into the magical software – the Adobe Eazel for Photoshop. Adobe Eazel is a great tool for the new version of Photoshop. It lets you make beautiful paintings using your iPad and use them in Photoshop Extended or Photoshop Basic via a wireless network.

Adobe Eazel allows you to use your fingertips and your iPad to make beautiful artworks. You can make paintings across the entire iPad display and access tools that you require. Send your work of art directly to the Photoshop application from any location. All you have to have is a connection between the computer and the iPad. Get all your painting done on the app and share them through emails.

The feature gives a new definition to Photoshop with its rich and creative art possibilities. Here are some new and wonderful additions to the software.

Aggressive Paintings

Painting can be done using your fingers or any kind of stylus. You can create beautiful images using the Nomad Brush. The brush is designed to paint your finger moves and then dry out after a few seconds. What is even more impressive about the tool is the fact that when you draw over an existing color, Eazel intelligently bleeds new paint into the color.

Ability to use all five fingers

Enjoy the unique multi-touch solution for exploring Adobe Eazel functions and tools, which is very simple. Truly, the five-finger touch is a great character for usability. Things here are very natural although you need to learn a bit before exercising on it.

New Stroke Painting

With every part of the display being used as canvas for painting, you do not have extraneous menus or palettes on your way.

Quick Tips

The most commonly used tools are put on the most usable fingers. For instance, color is controlled with the index finger, while the size of the brush is used with the middle finger and opacity is controlled with the ring finger. The settings that are rarely used are accessed with the pinky while the thumb can flick to redo or undo. Erasing is done by sliding the screen.

The process of sending

The process of sending Adobe Eazel painting to Photoshop is quick and easy. You enjoy greater resolution versions to play with, retaining the alpha channel and giving it the transparent quality.

The new and refreshing add-ons to Photoshop clearly make it cool software to work on. Co-founder of Marcolina Design (an internationally recognized company), has put hard work in creating this innovative inclusion to the already-innovative software. He believes that this will help users enjoy clutter-resistant and clean platforms for some power beneath each finger.

The new inclusion to Photoshop is definitely a designer’s delight. It has all that you can ask for, for making a sound image.

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