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5 Ways to a More Productive Workforce

As we welcome a more mobile workforce, it is essential to have procedures in place to ensure that work is still completed on schedule. Companies should re-think their traditional ways to help employees become more productive both individually and as part of a team and technology can now play a big role in this.

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Technology is developing at a rapid rate. There have been enhancements in mobile communication, in online collaboration and in HD web conferencing, all of which make our working lives easier. Here are five examples of how to improve the efficiency for your business by using technology:

1. Share Information

Gone are the days of offices full of large filing cabinets. Information, data and files are now stored electronically and in a variety of ways. Granting easy access to information means that employees can get on with their work, regardless of location, allowing tasks to be completed faster.

Encourage employees to identify any opportunities and to find better solutions to sharing information and they will be more likely to utilise this resource.

2. Further training

Companies who invest in appropriate training for time-served employees as well as more recent recruits will see improvements in productivity. Employees often appreciate training which helps them to work more effectively.

Anytime a new procedure is created, take the time to capture it on video or in a brief presentation so that it can be shared online with all employees, including those who work remotely. It is amazing how much faster people can learn by watching a short video and this saves time and money in comparison to bringing a mobile workforce in for a demonstration.

3. Collaborate

Technology can solve a multitude of businesses inefficiencies. Using online tools to forge exceptional communication will ensure that all employees can remain connected and feel part of the team, creating a path to solutions.

This is also the case when working and communicating with clients, customers and suppliers, irrespective of location. Making yourself available face-to-face online, will enable deals to be completed quicker and problems to be solved more efficiently.

4. The bigger picture

Creating a system whereby an employee can see all staff members, their job role and responsibilities, will allow an individual to see where they fit into the bigger picture. It can also show where employees are located along with their contact details so that they can be called upon instantly for their knowledge or contacts.

This extends and promotes communication, especially where offices and employees are spread geographically.

5. Culture

No matter what kind of company you run, successful businesses are built on the foundation of a great working culture. Employees need resources and require training because you and they both want to be productive and by encouraging a fun working environment with great communication, you will promote a good work ethic.

Happy workers are more likely to get tasks done quicker and more effectively than those who dislike their jobs.

By exploring new methods of communication like collaboration tools and web conferencing and by promoting an enjoyable working environment, it’s easy to see how technology can help cultivate an effective and efficient business.

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