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Setting up an eCommerce store is the easiest and most affordable way to reach out to the global audience. You can set up your own eCommerce store and start selling. There are thousands of solutions available in the market. Some paid and some free. Each have their own pros and cons and measuring their features based on your requirements is absolutely essential to save time, money and effort.


Setting up these eCommerce platforms is really troublesome and even after setup you cannot be sure that it will function smoothly. Getting connected with an eCommerce platform which can provide both the domain name and business helps you skip the painful process of configuring and setting the store up and you can easily start selling.

Benefits of an eCommerce store

1. Global Reach

Limitation of geography is falling due to the internet. People across the globe are interconnected. With an eCommerce store , world is your playground. Setting up a physical store in multiple countries is not possible for startups, but setting up a website which deliver to the world is not only possible but easier and affordable.

2. Continuous increase in sales

Getting leads and new customers through an eCommerce website is much more easier and cheaper than real world advertisements. Through proper online marketing, social media exposure and links you can get new customers everyday without shelling a fortune over it.

3. Affordability

With low cost of marketing and multiple affordable eCommerce platforms available, an online store is cheaper and easier to setup and run. This is a blessing especially for startups and sellers with tight budget.

4. E-commerce is the future

As consumers are coming to understand the benefits online shopping offers, they are making the purchase more and more through the internet. The quality products with lower pricing and ability to search and locate any product quickly is turning today’s customer into an e-shopper. It eliminates their traveling time, their expense and adds to the convenience. With so much on offer, it is safe to say that the future of shopping is going online.

5. Open 24*7

The biggest benefit of having an online store is that, you are making sales even while you are asleep. This is the power of eCommerce website which should be with you.

Problems in setting up an eCommerce store

There are thousands of ecommerce solution available. It is important to measure the advantages they are offering based on your requirements. For example, If you are tight on budget, you might want to consider, free and open source solution. One common problem which any seller trying to set up their eCommerce website faces is the problem of configuration.

Each eCommerce platform needs their own configuration and most of the time, setting them up properly such that it runs smoothly is a pain and a time killer.

How Shopify is solving your problems

Shopify is offering a unique solution, where you can buy your own domain name right from the Shopify and then can host your online store on their servers. The business website hosting solution which Shopify is offering make the whole process of setting up and running your own online store a breeze.

It gives you and your customers a unified experience. Shopify was the first hosted eCommerce website solution to use a content delivery network. Which means, through their distributed servers at critical locations across globe, Shopify could make your website load much more faster than from a business website hosting provider located at just one place

It is now time to go unified with an awesome eCommerce platform which also offers business website hosting. So that you just have to focus on what you do best , “SELLING” .

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  • E-commerce sites are just more or less the same as ordinary traditional shops. Creating one can be easy. Most of the problems happen after the site is online.

    Maintaining it, updating it, etc..
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