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How to Deliver the Best Business Presentation Using Gadgets

Delivering a business presentation is often your only chance to tell your potential client that you are the best person/ business to supply the product/service required. Therefore it is imperative that you make the best possible impression during this process.


Enriching your pitch using gadgets is a great way to do this, as it will set you apart from your competition. The following gadgets will add the ‘wow’ factor to your presentation and will help you to win the pitch.

iOS Devices

Choosing an operating system is a big decision, as it will drive the gadgets that are available to you for delivering a business pitch. The best option is to select an iOS device (e.g. iPad, iPhone), as this will enable you to access to all of Apples technology. This is by far the best technology available to deliver a pitch because of the many applications and gadgets that are synced with these devices.

Ultimately, this will facilitate a more sophisticated presentation incorporating the most innovative audio-visual technologies available.

Presentation Software

Keynote is the best presentation software to write and deliver your presentation on, which is available for both OSX and iOS devices. Keynote enables you to sell your product/ service using its amazing audio-visual gadgets. For example, Keynote illustrates data in visuals such as 3D, bar, line, area, pie charts, and also facilitates animation.


Using Apple ‘applications,’ alongside Keynote will really boast your business pitch, making it stand out from others. Although there are hundreds of Apple apps, you should look to choose the ones that enhance your presentation best i.e. display the statistics or graphs in the most innovative way.

You should aim to create a 3D ‘experience’ using audio-visuals provided by the apps. The following applications are the most imaginative, and deliver the most spectacular output, guaranteed to ‘wow’ your audience.

The following apps deliver the strongest results:

1. Numbers

Numbers is an innovative spreadsheet app which uses over 250 functions like sliders, steppers, and pop-ups to demonstrate data and results in an exciting way.

2. Instaviz

You can really entertain your prospective buyer using the Instaviz app as this is a diagram sketching device which enables you make some rough drawings, which Instaviz automatically turns into beautifully laid-out diagrams. Moreover, Instaviz market themselves as a ‘pocket’ whiteboard. Therefore you can then share your illustrations with friends and colleagues through email and websites.

This is a great tool, for a live presentation and will really impress your colleagues.

3. Roambi Analytics

How many times have you sat in a pitch and been challenged on you sales and profit projections? How difficult is this to demonstrate via a calculator to a room full of people? Roambi Analytics is a brilliant gadget which transforms documents (excel, CSV, HTML, Google Docs) into interactive, media-rich graphs and charts.

This means that you can respond to any awkward questions about your statistics, using a reliable, innovative and interactive app. The interactive element will ensure that your pitch stands out from the rest in the minds of your potential client.

External display

If you have a small audience, showing your presentation on the iPad itself is appropriate. However, for larger pitches i.e. over three people, using an external display is necessary to deliver a clear presentation. Therefore be extra vigilant and either phone ahead and identify what TV and computer screens will be available for your pitch, or take an external display screen with you.

The two best external display options are:

  • Dock for iOS device – Plug a video adapter into your iPad’s Dock connector, and then connect that to your display screen. For optimum results, you have a few options, you can use a display or projector with either Apple’s AV Adapter (if your display supports HDMI) or on older monitors, Apple’s VGA Adapter.
  • Apple Component AV Cable or Apple Composite AV Cable – a cable which connects your iOS device to your TV or home cinema device.

Wireless Remote

The piece-de-resistance of your presentation is to deliver this eye-catching, innovative, stimulating presentation whilst moving around the room and maintaining eye contact with your client. To facilitate this you need a wireless remote to navigate your presentation.

The best gadget to achieve this is Apples Keynote Remote app. To get this you need to download Apple’s Keynote Remote to your iOS device then simply follow the prompts to pair the app to your iPad using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Although there are hundreds of other gadgets which can improve your business pitch, choosing an iPad as your operating device means that you can then access all of Apples technologies to deliver a truly exhilarating business pitch.

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