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Facebook Graph Search – Fad or Fantastic?

Excitement built throughout the technology world as Facebook held a press event mid-January 2013 and with all the speculation of new operating systems and the possibility of a Facebook phone; everyone had their own opinion on what was to be unveiled.


Imagine the surprise as Facebook Graph Search was announced to an eagerly awaiting press and public and at first the concept of a search feature invited expected questions such as “What about the privacy matters?” but as the feature is still in its infancy, it is sure to undergo many incarnations before going live. During the evolution of Facebook Graph search it is certain that privacy matters will be closely scrutinised by both the users and the development team so it is sure to undergo a rigorous process.

As for whether or not it is something that few users will use or a completely amazing query tool to explore the many facets of the ‘social graph’, it all depends on how a user already uses Facebook.

How Facebook Graph Search Works


For example, for those users with little technical experience it will be an easy way to search for things such as photos their friends have appeared in since particular dates or to perform more complex searches such as finding friends who live in a particular area and like a specific movie or speak a specific language. In basic terms this feature performs complicated searches on a vast database of information acquired from users over years of use.

When it comes to the more technologically minded, the idea of specifying particular variables to find information is not a new concept but it is the way that Facebook Graph searches is perhaps going to be the most intriguing of all.

The introduction of Timeline may have made it more difficult for some users to find photos and various pieces of information and this led to a lot of confusion and outcry. Instead of manually searching for specific information and giving up quickly if it couldn’t be found, Facebook Graph search will speed up the acquisition of information and bring it quickly to user’s fingertips. While some believe this to be a step forward, there are still many others fretting understandably about their private information and this is sure to be addressed over the product development.

It is claimed that the feature will not only help in searching for likes and photos but to aid in dating as users will be able to search for people who are single and build connections. Surely it is only a matter of time before it is possible to type ‘looking to recycle iPod and a series of friends or companies will appear who are looking to buy it.

Some may think that the feature marks great progress in the brand and others may feel it an unnecessary tool but when it comes down to it, the public will decide with their opinions or fingers as it were and for a free application Facebook certainly provides a useful service.

Reports on the beta version of Facebook Graph Search are coming through and while it has some initial teething problems, whether it is simply a fad or truly a great feature it certainly wasn’t what everyone expected and surely keeping everyone on their toes is the mark of an innovative company?

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