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The Most Popular WordPress Themes 2013

If you are looking to create a blog or website for personal or business use anytime soon then the chances are that you will come across a company called WordPress. This company has been providing easy to use templates to allow people to have their own blogs and websites since 2003.

Their step-by-step instructions on how to get started and develop blogs and websites have made them the number one choice for millions of people worldwide.

They also have a fantastic feature that allows you to choose from thousands of themes so that you can make your blog or website something really special. Below we take a look at some of the most popular WordPress themes 2013 so you can see just what is available to you.

1. Simple Catch


As the name would suggest this popular WordPress themes 2012 has a simple and fresh look and it is also nice and easy to use. It has lots of options for menus, headers, fonts, widgets, sidebars, etc. and is compatible with various different languages.

2. GamePress


If you want to let the world know about anything to do with entertainment or the world of gaming then this is the most perfect of the WordPress themes 2012 for you to download.

With four striking colour schemes and plenty of options to allow you to customize the site, your visitors will be coming back for more and soon be adding you to their favorites.

3. iFeature


If you are looking to enter the world of touch screens then this one of the WordPress themes 2012 will help you do it with a bang. It allows you to create a website or blog that is supported by any touch screen device.

Best of all, with it’s extremely user friendly web builder tools, you can set up websites and blogs in just minutes by using touch friendly options to drag and drop each aspect that you want for each page.

4. Pinboard

If you have a special talent and create works of art or take lots of artistic photos then we have the perfect theme for you. Pinboard is one of the most popular WordPress themes of 2012 simply because it allows people to create the perfect visual backdrop to display their craft.

There are thousands of styles available and almost unlimited options for how you can lay out your blog or website. It is also perfect for displaying videos, podcasts, etc.

5. Small Business


Again as the name would suggest this is one of the best of the WordPress themes 2012 for a small business looking to create its first website or blog. There are plenty of customizable options to ensure that you create something that is individual. It is compatible with every possible device that your customer may wish to use to view your site and the bars and menus are all easy to navigate.

Widgets and plugins can be displayed either on the front page, the right side or footer bar, so you can ensure that they are perfectly placed for the content that you are adding.

So there you have just a few of the most popular WordPress themes 2012. If you go to the WordPress website you will find that there are actually thousands of different templates available so you can be sure to find exactly what you need to create your perfect blog or website.

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