The Google Nexus 10 : Review

As tablets grow in popularity, the technology within them grows as well. The Google Nexus 10 is a shining example of ingenuity and how far we’ve advanced in producing devices that were only in science fiction a mere decade ago. Able to outperform many laptops that are in use within homes and offices, the Nexus 10 has much to offer any situation.

Google Nexus 10

Nexus 10 Features

One of the most appealing attractions to the Google Nexus 10 is the visual capacities. The display produces vivid colors in 2560×1600 resolutions giving it a command of graphic enhancements. Built with 300 pixels-per-inch, this tablet has one of the most detailed displays on the market.

As HD video and games rely heavily on graphical improvements, the Google Nexus 10 provides an amazingly sharp and crisp display of colour for a variety of needs. The Quad-core Mali T604 graphics processor keeps all of the visuals running smooth as silk.

As the A15 Cortex dual-core processor powers this tablet, 2GB of RAM keep multitasking and apps running smoothly. At the development level, the A15 Cortex is comparable to the A6 processors used in the competing iPad with Retina Display. Both use a powerful dual-core processor, but only the Google Nexus 10 uses 2GB of RAM.

Along with all of the standard peripherals that most tablets share including Bluetooth, the Nexus utilizes wireless N MIMO capabilities. The Multiple-In-Multiple-Out format for wireless N has been sought after for its greater range and faster average connection speeds. Although one doesn’t need a MIMO-capable router in order to use the Google Nexus 10 on a wireless network, it would increase its capabilities for file transfers and Internet browsing.

As opposed to its predecessor, the Nexus 10 supports a 5 mega-pixel rear facing HD camera. This makes for stunning recording by the Nexus and could easily replace many of the digital cameras millions of people use every day. Whether you are recording video or snapping still-shots, this 5MP camera can produce amazingly detailed images.

Although the Google Nexus 10 doesn’t support microSD cards, the micro-USB slot will allow for easy file transfers from this tablet to a computer. Support for Near-Field-Communication can keep the Nexus 10 connected to a variety of NFC supported devices allowing for payments, automated controls, and more through the use of tags.

The Google Nexus 10 is a powerful tablet that brings a variety of function to those who use it. Whether it is watching movies through streaming media, gaming, or office work the Nexus can handle it all with ease. Condense the power of a laptop into a device that is easy to carry with superior mobility and you’d have the Google Nexus 10.

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