How to get MyLife.com Refund

A social networking service founded in the year 2002, MyLife.com has become one of the most popular sites in the world in present times. The purpose of the network is to bring and keep long term friends in contact. With over 30 million members and growing at a staggering pace of addition of around one million new members every month, there is no doubt that the popularity of site would continue to grow in the times to come as well.

MyLife.com Refund

It is currently ranked sixth among all the social networking ones operating in the globe. The company offering easy access to great services is a major reason behind the same. Automatic renewal is one such great offering that allows you to forget the worry of paying the subscription fee after a fixed duration and keeps your account going.

However, for those who believe that the auto renewal option cannot be disabled, here are a few points that can help you out.

MyLife.com Refund – Cancelling MyLife.com Subscription by Disabling the Auto Renew Facility

Once you are sure that you want to cancel the auto renewal facility, all you need to do is call up the customer care service of the company and make a request to them. The customer care representative would ask a few security questions to verify your identity before disabling the facility. Once done, the feature would be disabled immediately. The membership would expire once the term of your subscription is over.

The toll free number of the company is 888-704-1900, while the representatives are available from Monday to Friday between 6AM and 6PM PST.

MyLife.com Refund – The Other Alternative: PayPal

If you do not like the idea of disabling the auto renewal facility by calling the customer care executives of MyLife, you can opt for an alternative method as well – PayPal. All you need to do is call the customer care service of PayPal and put in a request to cancel the subscription.

Remember to check and ensure that the premium membership has been cancelled as a few cases have come up in the recent past where the fee was deducted from PayPal account even after putting in the request.The toll free number of PayPal is 888-221-1161. A representative would guide you on the process.

Unsubscribing and Cancelling MyLife.com Subscription – The Difference

A number of cases have also come up in the recent past where people have complained that premium membership fee was deducted from their account even after they clicked on the unsubscribe link present at the bottom of mails received from the company.

The point to understand here is that clicking on the unsubscribe button would only mean that you are not interested in receiving the newsletters of the company. There would not be any affect on the membership of your account and the auto deductions would keep on going.

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