Nook HD Tablet Review

With a range of great features including seven inch screen, MicroSD slot, 1.3 GHz TI OMAP 4470 processor, multi user profiles and high density screen along with amazing prices, the tablet is making waves in the market.


The great competition in the segment has only resulted in availability of great alternatives at amazing prices and Nook HD- 7 inch tablet is certainly a great option to consider.


Nook HD tablet appears quite similar to standard version with the only difference being a dark screen. The 30 pin charging and the MicroSD card slot is at the bottom, power button on left and volume buttons on right. At 0.43 inches, the device is slightly thicker as compared to the alternatives present in market.

Multiple User Interface

As soon as you turn on the device, the page displays icons for multiple users. Dragging any one of these would activate the profile. Users can customize the view of their profile as per their preference. The settings page is revealed by pulling the screen down. The content displayed is clear and crisp; however, the quality is just a tad inferior when compared to the competition.

Reading Experience

The reading interface is simple, easy to use and full of a number of great features. You can highlight and share text, move through the page by just sliding left and right and search inside the book. The multi tasking interface can be used to move away to another app using a pop up while reading. The formats supported by the device includes

  • PDF, ePUB, DRP , ePIB , CBZ, TXT

The device also supports color catalogs and magazines and come with a unique page turning effect, making the reading experience a lot more realistic.


The devise displays videos at 720p and has content from a number of different sources including HBO, Viacom, STARZ, Walt Disney and Warner Bros among others.

Calendar, Mail and Apps

Users of the device can view mails and the calendar syncs well with different servers. Microsoft office files can be opened and edited; however, the task might require some efforts and doing the same on a laptop or computer is certainly a better idea.


With the number at 6000, the number of apps available is fairly limited; however, the most popular ones are present. You can also lock down the features as per the requirements. An example can be kids profile allowing viewing of eBooks but banning steaming of videos.

At only $199, the device is certainly a great value of money and offers some amazing features that place it over most of its competitors.

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